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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stuff and stuff...and meeting a fellor blogger

My apologies for mot posting much the past few days, I had a lot of stuff going on in Real life...Nothing bad...Just real busy.    I had my son in summer camp this week with the Boy Scouts, and I had driven up there and spent some time up there...all I can say about the mountains of North Georgia....Lotta hills and everything seemed to be uphill...I am sure it was a perception issue...
    Well Anyway, I had tried to get my son back home....and what is with boys and aversion to soap and water.....I got him home and threw him in the shower then got his foot locker and upended it into the washing machine....Then he and my wife caught a flight to the west coast .  Well through all of this, there was a mini blog meet and I had missed it up in Roswell, Several other bloggers had gotten together at an Irish Pub.  Well I had missed out due to my scheduling conflict.   But Old NFO was kind enough to meet me at the ChicFila in Hapeville, the Original one...Where it started.  All I can say...is that he is a class act and funny as hell.  It was a great experience to finally meet a fellow blogger.  He had told me that they will try to get a get together every quarter.   I will try my best to make the next one to meet all the others.  Here is a cartoon I had clipped last year out of the paper when Old NFO had released the first "Gray Man", I wanted to post it for him and for Peter

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  1. Mr.G it was great to meet you, and no 'I' never did that... :-) Great to chat with you, and thanks for the intro to the 'original' Chick-Fil-A... Neat place.