The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, April 10, 2015

My, My, My...How things have changed.............

Before I go on a *rant*, I do those things every once and a while.  But before I start, a couple of things....This weekend is the annual N.R.A meet in Nashville, well I wanted to go but I found out about it too late, 2 weeks notice is not good timing...and this is my fault..if I had opened my "American Rifleman" magazines when I got them..rather than be 3 months behind....what can I say...I am busy.  I could have gone but the only hotels that still had rooms were at the 300-400 dollar range...Granted I make "ok" money....I don't make that kind of cheddar...But I heard from "Mac" that the annual N.R.A meeting will be in Atlanta in 2016......So I WILL be there..I will either get a hotel early or make the commute and catch the transit system.  They do allow CCW holders on that system.  If you are "Out of towners", make sure your Carry concealed license has reciprocity with Georgia...but you have to read the fine print;).  I absolutely despise traffic and Atlanta has some of the crappiest traffic in the country.   And speaking of "Mac"  he talked me into running a cub scout range at the camp this Saturday.  And I will be working overtime on Sunday:)

     Well on to my rant.....By now you have seen the video of the shooting of the white police officer and the black man in South Carolina.  Immediately you have Al Sharpton...you know the guy that owes 4.5 million dollars in backtaxes...responsible for the Freddie fashion mart fire and Tawana Brawley..yeah..that guy.   The same guy that helped stir up things in Ferguson and anywhere where the perception of "racism" exist....by his definition.   He is calling for a "federalization" of the police depts.  As far as I can tell the South Carolina dept has acted properly...The Police Officer was fired and charged with murder.  But Al is calling for the federalization of the police.   How many things are wrong with this.  If they are successful in this, they will use some of the major police dept's to base this big government program....it will be a police department that is run by liberals...either New York or Chicago or some of the other major liberal bastions....And whatever they do will not work for some county cop in Wyoming...I will bring up something else....when there are more rules...they have to have more Police to enforce it.....Remember Eric Gardner...the Saint of loose tobacco..He was selling "loose tobacco" to circumvent the very high sin tax that New York was charging on Tobacco...
     I have another point to make.....The wheels of Justice are already in motion...but the mob wants the Police officer "guilty" on the spot......Funny how things have have changed...In the past before the civil rights act...the people being lynched were mostly black......just for the appearance of being "guilty".   Now since they have a "protected status" by the Fed's they are demanding that the officer be lynched....for the appearance of being "guilty"....Funny how times have changed...They have forgotten the past...



  1. "OK money"? You make more than most people can even dream of making for a hands-on job.

    1. Dude,

      I make "OK" money....I made more at Ford Motor than I make now. You had to comment about my financials and not my article? WTF?