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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A quick post on New Hampshire primary....

This is my pithy thought on the just completed NH primary....On the Democrat side, Bernie beat the crap out of Hillary....but due to vague DNC rules and the coin tosses in Iowa...She won....Funny background on that one...the Head of the DNC in Iowa is a rabid Hillary supporter whom has contributed thousands of dollars to her campaign and fronted several committee's to help Hillary get elected....And they use a coin toss...6 of them and Hillary won each one...and gets all the delegates....And they come to New Hampshire and Bernie beats her like a kettle drum and again due to the vague rules of the DNC, She gets the same amount of delegates that he has......Somehow if this don't show the fix is in for the establishment candidate...nothing else will..Now we are in New Hampshire and several icons of feminism tell the women present that " if you don't support a fellow women...there is a special hell for you....".   Funny where were these people when Bill was running amok and the women that complained got crushed by the Clinton machine...and the feminist were silent......funny how that worked.

Now on the GOP side...The Trump won New Hampshire, and Kasich came in second and Cruz and Rubio were dueling for 3rd.  Jeb Bush was a footnote and Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie were marginal at best.  All this shows is that the this is the most anti-establishment election since the mid 70's.  I like all of them except Jeb, to me Jeb screams "Establishment".  If Jeb gets the nomination and Hillary gets the nomination from her party....You will see a lot of people sitting out this election and the anger of the population will get worse......

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  1. Nh has changed to mASS north. Bunch of idiot kook aid drinkers here now.