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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday Music..."Suddenly last Summer" by the Motels

For Starters, my apologies for the delay in posting.  I try to post something every couple of days,   it has been hectic here, from the aftermath of the funeral to my immediately diving back into my work.  I was unable to post anything.  I have been following the political process but I am suffering burnout on it, that is why I havn't posted anything political lately.  I am amazed that Hillary is still campaigning after her email debacles....I really guess the rules are for the" little people".

  All I know is that if me, Old NFO, DaddyBear and many others have done what she has done....we would be guest at Leavenworth Confinement barracks.   It could be worse...we could wound up like Vince Foster.   Google that one...if you don't remember.  

   On a different Note, Today is an auspicious Day, today 13 years ago, I got the best title an honorable man can have...that is "Dad".  My son is turned 13, who would have thought that this little 7 week preeme that would "squeak" when I talked to him would turn into this strapping 13 year old kid.  I am proud of the boy he is and proud of the trail of an honorable man he is traveling on. 
   I was driving home and this song came on my XM Sirius and I remembered the song, it came out in 1983, I heard the song on the radio a lot but for some reason I missed the video on MTV.   It was a bit of a haunting song talking about time passing you by and the missed opportunities.  Pretty heady stuff for a 17 year old back to listen to. 

"Suddenly Last Summer" is a hit song by new wave band The Motels. It was the lead-off 45 from their RIAA Gold-certified fourth album Little Robbers. The single entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #60 on September 3, 1983 and peaked at #9 on November 19, 1983.

"Suddenly Last Summer" peaked at number 18 on the Adult Contemporary chart and hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Tracks chart, the only instance of a Motels song topping any US music chart. Two bootleg dance versions have been made of the song, one with a techno-like dance beat and another with a semi-tropical beat.
Lead singer Martha Davis has said in various radio interviews that she wrote the song while reflecting on her life and "how you know summer is ending when you hear the ice cream truck go by for the last time and you know he won't be back for a while". An ice cream truck appears throughout the music video (directed by Val Garay, the single's producer), which also features one of Davis' daughters (presumably Maria) and actor Robert Carradine as Davis' love interest. The single began climbing the Hot 100 as that summer turned to fall.

Tennessee Williams, writer of the earlier same-named 1958 off-Broadway one-act play, died in February 1983, the same month The Motels returned to the studio to record Little Robbers.
The song was included on the 1990 compilation album, No Vacancy: Best of the Motels.
The B-side of the 7" single was "Some Things Never Change." The song has appeared on the soundtrack of the TV show Breaking Bad


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