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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Some goings on at Casa de Garabaldi

Couple of things going on here at Casa De Garabaldi.  First off a week ago, I had gone by Sams Club and it was a pleasant visit and I saw the solar lights were back so I picked up another one

I knew where I wanted to place it  so I got my favorite Workbench that Happens to look like an F-150
I positioned the Workbench where it needed to be...
Its nice to have the space to lay stuff out on the toolbox while I stand on the bed after backing up the truck right up against the house.  More sturdy than any "A" frame ladder, lemme tell you,   I have the back glass open letting my 80's hit playing from the radio from my Sirius/XM
Light is installed, I still have to place the Solar panel to recharge the batteries,  
I recentered my workbench partially inside the garage, you can see where I tossed the solar panel so I had an idea how much slack I had on the power cord to position the panel.   
While I was looking around, I had to put the Wife's Edge in the Grass.., 
I was standing on the toolbox to get the height necessary to install the Solar panel
My son's truck actually looked kinda small
D,O,G Pronounced "DeeYooGee" don't looked excited seeing me doing my thing...
Panel installed and unlike my last one, the batteries actually work.

I had purchased a limited run stripped lower from Palmetto Arms back in February and I finally got it in July, it was the "Angry Joe" AR-14 Dog Faced Pony Soldier in homage to the 2020 Democratic candidate for President 
I started building it, it took couple hours and a couple of *F* bombs..
Completed Lower, 
Closeup of Logo, I taped over the Serial Number
The Selector Switch
Backside of Selector Switch.

I have ordered Optics from "Overlord Tactical", and they should be here shortly.    I had "borrowed" an Upper from a "Friend"  since I had lost all my AR's in a tragic kayak accidents.  The Lower functions checks good. *Wink*Wink*.
     Now a bit to Politics...In November, We will be facing a choice...

I know My Choice..

Pretty Much says it all.....


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