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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Some goings on at Casa De Garabaldi

 A few things going on here...I will go in Chronological order....First off, I was leaving work, first cold snap we had, under 32 degrees, was outside on the ramp all night....you get the picture.....it was cold..well anyway...I leave work...to go to Forest Park to get my hair cut by the same lady that has been cutting my hair since I got out of the service in 1991. Well she wasn't there yet, so I was headed to Chicfila in Forest Park and on the way there,...


Hit Road Debris.......and got a Flat....

It was cold out there changing the tire, but fortunately....if you want to call it that...I was dressed for it

The Poor Focus Looked different with that crappy donut on it...I had to take back roads all the way home after my haircut, Luckily I know all the backroads from my time as a Domino's Pizza Driver from way back because I sure as hell wasn't going to take that damm donut on the interstate...

I called my automotive shop that I use and told them what had transpired and asked them to order me a tire and they had a tire for me that afternoon....

       Now the Car is back to Normal.

The Spousal Unit got tickets to Manheim Steamroller at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Downtown Atlanta

     I always wanted to see "Manheim Steamroller", and finally saw them.  The guy that formed them "Chip Davis" was known for "Convoy" that song by C.W. McCall that came out in the 1970's.

Some Pics from the show...

   I was very impressed, and I liked the show, and next month "Trans Siberian Orchestra" is coming to Atlanta and we are talking about getting tickets.

I went and stood in line for Early Voting for the Run-off for the U.S. Senate Seat that is between the Incumbent Warnock(D) and his Challenger Walker(R)  Well it went to a run-off in the General Election and Warnock has 4 times the money in his war Chest for attack ads and they are pouring in the money from out of State.  My Governor Brian Kemp has been running ads supporting Walker, he is the only GOPer supporting Walker whereas the Ads and Billboards For Warnock are inundating the airways.  I wonder where the rest of the GOP is?

Well I did my part and voted for Hershal Walker.  I don't know if it will do any good or not, but I went and voted.

  Now Some Age Humor......

    This one hurt........I picked it up on Farcebook....


  1. My spousal unit and I were just discussing attending the Dec. 6th show at The Bushnell in Hartford. Nosebleed seats are $63 a pop. Lowest mezzanine are $100 more. Floor and orchestra are not available but I can imagine they were $200-$300. NFW! There is no show, concert, band, performer, etc. I would ever care to spend my precious earnings on if tickets are more than $20. The fact that I am not forking my money over to LIBTURDS is just a bonus.

    1. Hey Glypto;

      i wouldn't spend the money, but the Spousal unit will, she wants the family experiences. so we go and it was a good show and truth be told, I do well enough as a chemtrail technician I can splurge a bit.

  2. My wife and I have seen a number of very decent concerts over the years. But I tend to be a cheap person myself, and try to keep the cost down myself. We have seen some unbelievable groups on our vacations to Florida, for free. We saw two different groups, one the Chinese Ballet theater, which was actually an acrobatic group of college kids on an exchange tour, at a junior college in Tampa.
    Then we saw a similar group from the Moscow area, doing a goodwill tour, again in the St. Petersburg area, at a community college, I think. They did a lot of acrobatic stuff, but also some music and other things.
    I have absolutely no problem with the people of the nations like Russia or China. It is much like America, the people tend to be ok, it is the leadership that are assholes. Except that in America, that has changed, and the leftists have followed so closely to the leadership that they are interchangeable.
    We did see Christopher Cross a number of years ago, at a smaller high school in Grand Rapids, Mi, about 40 miles from our house. I think we might have paid 60$ for both tickets, and it was amazing. The last week of October, we saw a comedy show of Jim Belushi and friends here in Muskegon, MI, we paid I think 60$, and we left after around 40 minutes. It was just too boring, and now that we are both retired, over 60+, our time has to be compared to our value and while I hate to waste money, at my age, I hate to waste my time even more.
    I watch a lot of concerts from the 70's on youtube videos, because I never was able to attend any at that age, due to working from the age of 11, at something. And being even more of a cheapskate, back then.

    1. Hey Pigpin,

      I know the feeling, I rarely go to concerts because of the cost, they have gotten really expensive and truth be told, I don't want to part with my hard earned money for frills, and the "gun Free Zone" crap I have to deal with makes me go even less to the downtown.

  3. Glad you got your car sorted out. something like that happened to my wife on the way home and that triggered and odyssey of Homeric proportions. As to the walker run off, I hope he wins just because that stick a pin in the globalist agenda. I hope Kari Lake bets her opponent even thought the steal seems locked in for AZ.

    Keep your powder dry as we will be needing soon.

    1. Hey Paul;

      Yeah it was a nuisance, but I'm glad my shop got a tire easily, with the supply chain problems issues everyone has been having. Agree with the Walker thing and I hope Kari Lake Wins, I believe that she got robbed.

  4. Every vote counts. Even if your guy didn't win, the number of votes he did get shows at least some people like him which should make him feel that running was not a wasted effort.

    1. Hey Chuck;

      Thats the belief that I have, the fact that it went to a runoff despite the money that has been poured into it by the liberals and hollywood, to help Warnock keep his seat.

  5. the donut spare should be on a non driven wheel if possible. If it is front wheel drive you gotta take one off the back and put the donut there, then put the full size on the front.
    Two totally different sizes is hard on the differential over more than a few miles....


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