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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The cities are finally cracking down on the OWS crowd.

 I am of 2 minds of the OWS crowd, one part of me is disgusted with them, the other part wants to keep them around to remind the American public what the far left is about.  the longer this goes, the more I believe that it will taint the democrap party in 2012.  The independents are as disgusted with this as we conservatives are.   The OWS is the face of the far left.

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Seems like Oakland has finally had enough of the Occupy Movement.  Hours after warning protesters to leave public property, police intercepted them as the demonstrators tried to return.  The mob attacked, and police went into full riot mode:
The police in Oakland dispersed hundreds of protesters using tear gas and flash bombs on Tuesday night as crowds tried to re-enter a plaza outside of City Hall that the authorities had cleared of an encampment earlier in the day. …
By Wednesday morning in downtown Oakland, a dim cloud of gas still hung in the air over Frank Ogawa Plaza, according to images broadcast on CNN. A small number of police in riot gear stood by barricades around the plaza and a handful of protesters held signs nearby.
“It sounded like bombs,” said Joaquin Jutt, 24, a digital animator who was among the protesters on Tuesday night. “There was a stinging and burning in my throat, eyes and nostrils. My eyes burned like there was hot sauce in them.”
 After the Occupy Oakland encampment was torn down early Tuesday morning by police, the ousted protesters reconvened outside the Oakland Library on Tuesday afternoon and voted to attempt a re-occupation of the same plaza from which they had just been evicted. Summoned by waves of emergency tweets and emails, fresh recruits joined the evicted Occupiers and early this evening once again marched on downtown Oakland, intending to reclaim Frank Ogawa Plaza.
But the Oakland Police were of course monitoring all this, and along with many other local police departments they were waiting for the protesters’ invasion. After an hours-long standoff at 14th and Broadway, interrupted by several confrontations and arrests, everything started to turn violent some time after 9:30pm.

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  1. Glenn Beck's The Blaze has some really great clips. Love the tear gas one.