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Friday, September 28, 2012

Busy week

My son was on fall break so I took some time to head to several places that I thought were "neat"   First we went to visit my brother at Fort Rucker, then headed to the U.S.S. Alabama.  That was a real neat visit, Both of us really enjoyed that trip.  It was awesome actually seeing an actual battleship.  Age wise the ship only had an operational life of 4 years.   I kinda wondered if it would be difficult to bring the ship to operational duty if necessary.
We walked around the ship and saw a bunch of cool  stuff, I will have to find a way to create a link to photobucket or something like that   While we were there, I saw a gentleman doing a book signing , His name is Glenn Frazier, he is a survivor of the Bataan Death March.   He has a website  Here
   Speaking to him, I was humbled, here was a person that lived through something that most people didn't survive and was a pleasure to talk to.  Here was an embodiment of the greatest generation.  I have a copy of his book and finished reading it, now my son is reading it.    

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  1. Good to view that history... and It would cost MORE than you believe to reconfigure the ship to meet today's EPA and habitability requirements... sigh