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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


In a few short years Obama has either through design or pure incompetence has managed to alienate 2 major allies of the United States...One is Britain who until recently was our number 1 ally, we have had a special relationship that started from Winston Churchill through President Bush.  But Obama has manage to upset that, by his insults and actions have angered and dismayed the British.  The end results was that Britain would not back our play to bomb the Syrians.  Britain who until now would have done whatever we have asked because we had that kind of relationship.  I am hopeful that the next President will try to rebuild the friendship,  and it will take time for the scars to heal.   Now he has done the same thing with the Israeli's whom already had doubts about the will of the United States with Obama at the helm.   John "Flipper" Kerry at the behest of President Obama opened a dialogue with the Iranians to make a deal with them.  President Obama is hoping for a major foreign policy splash like when Richard Nixon went to China in the early 70's and split the Sino-Soviet alliance.   The same Iranians that is a religious theocracy with the mad mullah's in charge.  They believe in the 12th Iman which would signify the power of Islam to unify the world under the banner of Mohammed.  Iran has been at war with us since 1979 when they seized our embassy precipitated the Hostage Crisis and for 444 days they held our people until Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President in 1981.  Since that time Iran has been involved on the opposite sides of the United States, We supported Saddam Hussein in his war against the Iranians by providing him with equipment and intelligence to be used against the Iranians.  The phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend comes to mind.  It is Ironic that a few years later, we would attack the Iraqi's to force them to leave Kuwait.   We also had a brief war with the Iranians during Operation "Earnest Will" when we reflagged Kuwaiti tankers after Iran was throwing mines and silkworm missiles at the tankers in an attempt to close the Persian Gulf to the West. 
     During our recent trip to the sandbox, a lot of the fighters and insurgents against the United States were Iranians, their Revolutionary Guards would train, equip, supply the IED's used and even quite a few suicide bombers came from their ranks.  Iran wants to be come the main player in the middle east.  They along with the Russians are the biggest supporters of the Syrian government.  This is a big concern to Israel, is the influence of the Iranians on Syria.  There is a belief that once Israel bombs the Iranian reactors, the Iranians will use their relationship with the Syrians to have them attack Israel across the Golan Heights and spreading the internal conflict of Syria into Israel.  Israel already have little faith in the United States to help them if they are attacked.  After President Obama and his cabal of amateurs took the reins of foreign policy it has been one lurch after another with various train-wrecks along the way.  Israel believes that they will be alone, the only western based republic in the middle east is in danger of being wiped out.  Many believe that if Iran gets a nuke, they will use it against Israel, knowing that the United States would be paralyzed by indecision to retaliate or defend the Israeli's  against the attacks by Iran.

    President Obama sends John * flipper* Kerry to work an agreement with the Iranians, you know the same John Kerry that threw his country under the bus during the winter soldier hearings in 1971 where he stated that all American Soldiers were killers and rapists of the Vietnamese.   We call him *Flipper* because he supported the war in Iraq...then he changed his mind because it was politically expedient to be against it.
Any deal with the Iranians would be bad for us and Israel.  I have no faith in those political hacks to do the right thing.  It is politically expedient and that is all that it matters to the Obama White-house.  I can't understand why most people of Jewish faith still blindly support President Obama and his policies, even though they are a detriment to Israel who is the only Western based country in the middle east and is our staunchest friend in the region.  There is another country that is very unhappy with the arrangement and that is Saudi Arabia, they are mostly Sunni with a Shia minority.    
In a way, this marks a deeper shift in relations with Saudi Arabia than with Israel. Saudi Arabia has been under British and later American protection since its creation after World War I. Under the leadership of the Sauds, it became a critical player in the global system for a single reason: It was a massive producer of oil. It was also the protector of Mecca and Medina, two Muslim holy cities, giving the Saudis an added influence in the Islamic world on top of their extraordinary wealth.
It was in British and American interests to protect Saudi Arabia from its enemies, most of which were part of the Muslim world. The United States protected the Saudis from radical Arab socialists who threatened to overthrow the monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula. It later protected Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein after he invaded Kuwait. But it also protected Saudi Arabia from Iran.
Absent the United States in the Persian Gulf, Iran would have been the most powerful regional military power. In addition, the Saudis have a substantial Shiite minority concentrated in the country's oil-rich east. The Iranians, also Shia, had a potential affinity with them, and thereby the power to cause unrest in Saudi Arabia. Until this agreement with Iran, the United States had an unhedged commitment to protect Saudi Arabia from the Iranians. Given the recent deal, and potential follow-on deals, this commitment becomes increasingly hedged. The problem from the Saudi point of view is that while there was a wide ideological gulf between the United States and Iran, there was little in the way of substantial issues separating Washington from Tehran.With the exception of the nuclear program.

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