The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Integrity...? Democrats.....Not a Chance.

This post has been rattling in my head for several days but kinda like a zit, it hasn't been able to erupt until now.......Nice analogy right...?

We have been treated to the spectacle of the I.R.S. telling congress that " The Dog ate the Emails"....Any IT guy unless they are a shameless political hack would have thrown the *Bullshit* flag on that one.  Emails are forever, things are always backed up.  You are talking about an organization that has the ability to go back 40 years on a taxpayer then assess penalties for "past debt" owed to the government.  Far fetched...?  Not really this happened to a older women in Texas who's mom drew benefits back when she was a child.  Now the IRS wants to get reimbursed.  There was a code for "past due" amounts written into the 2012 tax code I believe for past due amounts...and the government just happened to "find" this paperwork  that was generated over 40 years ago by her mom.  People were pissed because there is a principle of American jurisprudence that the child is not to be liable for the debts of the parents, something about serfs and indentured servants.   One of the many gripes we had with the crown of England back in the 18 century.   Now the government can go after you for debt that your parents accrued...not you...but you are on the hook for it.  Last I heard, she was still fighting with the IRS to get her tax refund and prevent future garnishment.

     Back to my original point.....( Ohhh a shiny!!!)...The idea of using the organs of government against ones political enemy also goes against the American system.  The government employees since the late 19th century have been protected and difficult to fire due to political influences.  Basically the government employees don't have to toady up to a political candidate or party to ensure their job.  This is what makes this more egregious because of this little fact.   They CHOOSE to help one party over another...This is ideological only...Their oath of office to treat everybody "fairly" was thrown into the gutter based on an ideological belief.  
     This brings me to a second point, I have commented on a few other blogs that the democrats are pure ideological animals...It is party above all.  The average democrat has a hierarchy of needs or beliefs,  Above all is the Democratic Party, this supersedes their oath to the country.  If it is harmful for the country...but advantageous to their party based on ideology..well guess what...it sucks for the U.S.A.  Second is themselves, if it is good for their party and good for themselves.....Great!  They will be all over it like ants on a picnic.   Next is Country, if it benefits the higher 2 "needs" and well it also benefits the country....Great, they can brag about it when they run for reelection.  And finally it is God.  To a democrat, "God" is last....Remember the 2012 democratic convention..they removed "God" from their platform and only due to political trickery it was reinstated.(Bad P.R you know...)

        To the average Democrat, Party trumps all.   President Obama has committed many "impeachable" crimes in his time in office but since he is the standard bearer of their party, they will cover for him no matter what he does....Remember to a democrat, Party is above all else.   Integrity is just one of those old values that no longer have any meaning, the party must prosper.  I remember in my research in the early 70's when Nixon got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the republicans values their oath of office over their loyalty to Nixon and the impeachment proceedings started up in the congress, and the GOP basically told Nixon, "You are screwed" and after losing the support of his party, he resigned rather than take his chances with an impeachment hearing.   Can you imagine the screaming if the situation is reversed?   

        We have the Democrats stonewalling the hearings because it might make their messiah look bad since the I.R.S is part of the executive branch and President Obama and the Democrats might get some blowback for using the organs of the state against his and their opponents.  This is what is done in 3rd world banana republics....The opposition party is harassed, their members are routinely jailed and beaten and in more extreme cases, killed.  I still remember the picture of the Opposition Party Guillermo Endara being beaten by members of the "dignity battalion" a supporter of General Noriega.

  And I mention the 2012 elections where members of the SIEU a government union and a huge supporter of President Obama would attack and beat members of the "TEA party" and harass others at townhall events.  The Democrats would try to stack the townhall with their  SIEU supporters to prevent any body else who would show up to criticize their support of Obamacare.  
        This thuggish behavior is excused by the democrats, they are happy with this because it benefits"Their Guy".  What they don't realize is that this also can be used AGAINST them.   This is my issue with this,   It is an integrity issue, back in the 1970 members of the president's party was willing to hold their oath of office as sacrosanct, but today it is totally venal, whatever feels good for "the Now".  Who cares for the future.....


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  1. "To the average Democrat, Party trumps all. " That says it all...