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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Off the wall question to my fellow bloggers

I had thought about advertising for my favorite gunparts vendor, Their parts are very reasonable, and their customer service is excellent.  I am thinking about having an ad button set up on my site...When I inquired, they needed my SSN so they can 1099 me at the end of the year..To those bloggers that have ad buttons is this normal?   Also I in the past have kept my "blog life and "real life" separate.  This is mixing the two and I wouldn't mind the extra coins as little as they would be.  But I have a certain anonymity and I do like it.  partly because as I have stated in the past, my employer is risk adverse and would probably fire me if some liberal that I offended called them up and complained because I hurt their feelings.   I have almost talked myself out of it but I wanted to ask the rest of y'all that question.

    I thank you for your time



     What prompted the question was that I had gotten a few AR parts for Fathers Day and I drug out of my parts bin the original barrel, upper receiver and hand-guards of my AR.  I had ordered a new gas tube, hand-guard release and barrel spring for my barrel.  So I took a few minutes to configure the old parts.  Then I drug out the AR and put the old receiver and barrel on.  The rifle looked very different.   I hope the wife don't mind my using her kitchen countertop for this;)

      This is what the rifle looked like with the "old stuff "on it:  The rifle hasn't seen this configuration since 1992

The Old triangular Flash Suppressor:
The side sling adapter I picked up for it:
  After taking some pics, I then returned the rifle to its now normal configuration:


  1. If you can do it without putting your real name out there, go for it. I would.

  2. I don't run any ads, I don't want the hassle for the few pennies it might bring in. But that's just me.