The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Sorry about not posting since Monday, I have been very busy and running on several days with little sleep has killed the creativity fairy.  I wanted to blog about us trading 5 Taliban senior commanders for one American hating American deserter, but many of my fellow bloggers has already said what needed to be said and very eloquently, so I would make a poor shadow of an attempt.
     I wanted to blog about the EPA going after more coals plant and here in Georgia they are talking major rate increase.  Nothing like killing the economy on some nebulous bullshit called "climate change."
     I wanted to blog about the idiots who uses the "open Carry" to force themselves upon others, this is turning into a P.R. nightmare for the American 2nd amendment movement.  In the past the 2nd amendment was known for reasoned discourse, we leave the shrieking emotionalism to the liberals who can't dispute facts with emotions.  Now we have our own group that is picking a fight with the NRA who basically told them "grow up and behave."  Several bloggers have made the suggestion that the group is probably bankrolled by Bloomburg.  I tend to agree because the backlash from the non-gun public is growing especially when in my mind we have taken back some of our rights that we lost in the past and perhaps the pendulum is swinging back the other way and we have these ass clown pissing on the applecart.
    But instead, after the week I had, will take a couple of Advil PM and call it a "night" or a day in my case since I swing from the belfry normally.


  1. And yet...you just blogged about all of those topics with the greatest of eloquence. Take care Mr. Garabaldi and don't forget to play as hard as you work.

    1. Hey Angela,
      You are welcome and I am hopeful that my schedule will slow down so I can actually play a bit. BTW did you get my FB question?

    2. Was that from you? I had no idea....I'm sorry. Yes, I did and I have it set up to automatically post my blog to the FB page. I'm really not very good with the whole FB thing. I'm doing good to just get my blog posts done. :) It gets crazy around my house (okay, crazier) in Summer. I have two mama cats that have had 12 babies between them. Caught one mama and her 7 and working on the other with her 5. Otherwise, there are too many kitties running around, then I go and get attached to their cuteness, then my heart breaks when a coyote gets them or they find their way to the road. 5 acres to mow and to keep it looking nice, has to be mowed twice a week. Now I have been "asked" to make a cake for a friend's sons 13 birthday. She asked me for a two tier, which to me means 2 tiers...with pillars separating the 2. She "laughs" and says Oh, I just meant layers....then she needs enough for 50 people, so I go and get all the things I need to make a huge cake and then she still has "requests". I am just beating my head against the wall at this point. I was asked because the bakery couldn't do it on time. But I can make phenomenal cakes....better at baking than I am at blogging.
      Okay...I know I have ranted randomly...but thanks for listening. Just had to get that out before I start on this darn cake. I just keep repeating Matthew 5:41
      And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

      So I am going the extra mile....
      Peace Mr. G...

  2. Well said, and get some rest... You need (And deserve) it... :-)

    1. Hey Old NFO;
      After taking 1 advil., 1 advil PM and 1 alieve.,...I slept like a rock. Now I gotta get past this weekend and next week with Cub Scout Day Camp.