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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Book by Peter "War to the Knife"

Hey Y'all

    My blog buddy Peter just published his new book.  It is slated to be different than the "Maxwell Books" which I enjoyed immensely.   This is a new trilogy.  I just downloaded it.  Y'all need to check it out and support one of our own.   This ain't charity, Peter writes very well and it get better with each book and if you like a good Military Sci-Fi Yarn, go check it out.!!

    Here is the particulars shamelessly cut and pasted off his Blog

It's live!

'War To The Knife' has just gone live on Amazon.com in its Kindle version.  A CreateSpace print version has been uploaded and will go live as soon as it's passed that company's approval process, which is a bit more convoluted than Amazon's (not surprising, given the added difficulties in working with paper editions).

I'd be grateful if those of you with blogs and social media pages would please help me spread the word of its release.  If you read it and like it (or even if you don't like it), please leave a review on Amazon.com too - reviews really, really help other readers decide whether or not to try it for themselves.

Thanks for your patience with somewhat irregular blogging while I finished this project.  It's been a whole lot of fun, and I really think my writing's risen to a new level with this book.  Now for Maxwell Volume 4 (hopefully to be published in September), then the Laredo War Volume 2, hopefully in December.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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