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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet the latest victims of Obamacare............Students!!

Obamacare’s latest victims: college students...

I clipped this of a newspaper article I was reading....The same people that overwhelmingly supported the president.....just got shafted.....is that the sweet smell of "shadenfreude"    Ain't life a bitch...

    I don't mean to sound like I am gloating.....but I guess I am a bit.   We warned that this day was coming...we screamed to the high heavens that this was coming....but the know it all college students overwhelmingly supported President Obama.  Ya know he promised "Hope and change'......."  Now they have to get a job in this obama economy and they are saddled with mounting debt and dim prospects of paying them off in their lifetime.  
     They could hide on their parents insurance.......for a while......anyway....

Obamacare’s latest victims are not women, the poor or even the elderly, but young, healthy and carefree college students.
Students at the University of South Carolina are in for a treat once they find out their schools’ tuition is going to cost them considerably more next year. The surprise will be even harder to assimilate once they learn that the Affordable Care Act is responsible for the increase.
The school claims that a tuition increase rate of 3.2 percent is necessary to help cover for the almost $18 million it needs to come up with to cover for the state-mandated employee pay raises, implementation of Obamacare and retirement benefits.
While the school is blaming the state for imposing the mandates without providing financial assistance first, it is also urging parents and students to understand their situation. The heavy-handed health care regulations and the increasing mandates regarding pay raises destined to employees are driving the tuition costs up and putting the school’s livelihood on the line.
But the University of South Carolina is not the only large employer suffering the consequences of the mandate. Under ACA, large employees are required to offer health coverage to any employee who puts in more than 30 hours of work a week. If employers are not able to meet these requirements, they are forced to pay a $2,000 fine per employee.
In many cases, companies prefer to go for the fine and end up ditching coverage altogether, leaving employees to search for health care insurance independently. This unintended consequence of the law’s employer mandate has been adding further financial burdens to hard-working low- and middle-income Americans.
For USC, the implementation of the ACA’s employer mandate alone will cost $4.5 million during the first six months of 2015, which will eventually turn into a burden only USC students can carry.
With the increasing number of Universities countrywide reporting rising tuitions related to the cost of ObamaCare, what was already a strain for students struggling with the thought of having to deal with student loans for most of their adult lives is turning into their worst nightmare.

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  1. At least USC is up front about what is going on... Unlike the VA universities apparently...


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