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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stuff at work and working a post...

I was hoping to get my next installment up of cartoon characters but had too much going on, and there is a LOT of material for this character....

    This is one of my favorite characters...soo much that I do have a poster my best friend gave me:
  This is a quick shot of the pic( ain't smart phones great?)  I will take a better pic tomorrow so I can use it in the post I am working on.
     Well speaking of work, I am almost done with a project I started at work.
    As those know me know that I work in the aviation field, well I have a tool box that followed me from Ford Motor company and I took it to work where I am at now.  I will show a pic of what it looks like when I first had it at work.
Looks kinda rough...Since I cobbled it together from junk that was lying around at Ford, I can't complain....especially since I didn't pay for it.   Any who knows mechanics, know how important toolboxes are, especially since we buy the tools we use and a good toolbox is important...and is a mark of your personality.
     Here is what it started to look like last year when I decided to change the tool box from the eyesore it was to something different.

Last year I was working a lot of overtime working the RON's(Remain overnights)  and we would have a bit of "downtime" waiting for the airplane to come in.  Rather than sit and swill coffee( nothing wrong with that) I decided to to a toolbox makeover.   I straightened out some of the damage, sanded it down to bare metal and painted it.

This is what it looked like after I was done last year.   Went from being the worst looking toolbox in the hanger, to looking not so bad.
     Well This year I decided to build a "Side box" rather than buy one.  Using scrap metal I started fabricating this...
   It was more complicated that I thought it would be and when you are using yourself and "Clico's" to hold metal together while you figured out and re-figured out how you would build a box.
   This took me over a month, I would sneak in a few minutes here and there and cut short a lunch to work on it and it went through several screwups revisions to the original design.  This is what it looked like while I was working on it....
    I finally got it mostly done, with a few little things to finish out the project...I may try today..depends on the workload to finish it up

It is heavy, I used quite a bit of "Alclad" Aluminum T-7075-T6 .063 thick or greater.  Rivits and Highloks.  I am overall pleased with it.  I figured out a few things I could have done differently...but this project was bigger than I figured it would be. 
     I still gotta build a "push" handle on it, but I have to see what shows up in the scrap bin for me to use......


  1. I would say you are purty dern talented! Love the makeover. It has personality also. Great job!

  2. Push handle hell... You need a push BAR! :-)

  3. Hey Momma Fargo,

    Thank you:) it turned out better than I expected...

    Hey old NFO;
    When I am done, it will have its own prime mover:)