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Saturday, September 20, 2014

gone camping

I have gone camping with my troop this weekend.   I also am using my phone to make a post.
   This is a first so I will put up some pics off my phone I will  see how this works.

Well it won't let me pull off my gallery so I just used my camera and directly uploaded a pic.  Ain't modern scouting cool!
I will do my road runner post tomorrow.
This our campsite and my trusty Ranger.  Nothing  Screams
"Disgruntled Veteran" like my Ranger does.

The boys are getting in some shooting and tubing so
they are excited.  I will take some pics later of that
This is the bathroom and the playing field.  This facility
is pretty good especially for a rural council like where we are at.


  1. Much nicer than what we had back in the 60s! :-) Enjoy the time with the kids!


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