The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stuff I can't believe..but somehow I am not surprised....

      I saw in the news that the department of justice is declining to charge Lois Lerner on the lost emails when the congress has requested depicting the IRS targeting the conservative groups at the behest of senate democrats.  This dismayed me but I wasn't surprised.   it seems the rules are different for the powerful and connected.

     We also have the presumed 2016 Democratic candidate and now former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has run her own private servers in defiance of Government regulations relating to her duties.  Congress has asked for her emails and she had them deleted.  And nothing will happen to her as nothing will happen to Lois Lerner.  They are either politically powerful or useful to those in power.  They erode the foundation of our trust on our government and political processes.  But they are not the cause..they are just the symptom of the problem.  In times past people would get into the political process out of a desire to "do some good".  you also would get the person that would use the power of the government to push their beliefs of superiority on their fellow man.  In most cases their fellow citizens would use the power of the ballot to remove them or use the power of the press.
      Today we have several generations of citizens that are totally clueless on the process and how to keep it in check.  So we have elected officials and their henchmen that are totally venal, all that matters is the power and the money.  This is a major concern, when you have people that are being held to a different standard than we the people, there will be repercussions, when people no longer have faith or see their voices matter not then people will start to walk away from the political process and the disconnect will get worse.
     The noted political author George Orwell wrote:
     By the rules crafted by our founders, all men were to be treated equal, the law would apply to all.  We in the early days had to deal with nobility and the 2 different rules that the gentry and the commoner's had.  Our framers didn't believe in that system so when we broke away from Great Britain we formed our own rules and beliefs.  for many years there were rich and poor, but the rule of law did apply to everybody.  Now we have our elected officials and their henchmen being held to a different standard than us plebes.  If we had done what Hillary or Lerner had done, we would be a guest of the judicial system.  Now these people will get a walk because the rules are different for them than they are for us. 
     I have written in the past that when people become disconnected to their leaders in Washington, they start having no more faith that their voice is heard then they will start believing that the people on Washington are no longer necessary and that the people in charge has a belief that they are not the servants of the people, but the masters and we are nothing but wage slaves to keep the colossus fed with our money and for some of us, our lives to be made examples of to keep the others in line.  Soon there will come a time where people will no longer listen to them and open disobedience will start and it will lead from a verbal battlefield to a physical battlefield.   They say that the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time.  I have a feeling that this time is not far off.  I fear for the world that my son will inherit.  Will he be able to be a free man, or will he have his spirit crushed by the .gov colossus.


  1. I think we need to get this show on the road. As one of the founders (I can't recall) said, Let there be war in my time so my children (grandchildren) will not have to fight it.

    I've gotten so sick of these sons of bitches in DC thinking they are above the law.Clinton needs to be dragged in front of congress and made to produce those servers. If not, of to a jail cell until she complies. Same thing with Lerner. At one time, there was a small jail in the basement of the house. They need to put it back. Let's see how many peanut butter sandwiches it takes before they decide to comply. They need enough room for Holder and Obama too. Over Fast and Furious and that "executive order" to hid Holders papers.

  2. DoJ is now DoA (Department of Agenda).

  3. Sigh. Yes. Disappointing that I see no light at the end of the tunnel.