The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 4th Amendment died today.......

What I am about to say I must make a caveat.  My dad is a police officer, some of my friends are police officers  Most of the police I know are what I call " Old School Police" the ones that treat the public with respect and serve their community to make a difference, and deal with some real crappy people and crappy situations.  I have done ride alongs and the adrenaline rush is awesome.    This rant isn't directed at them.  I have also dealth with pricks with badges, the ones that view having a badge as a power trip.  This is usually an affliction of the young ones that have something to prove and are insecure.  This rant is more directed at them.

 The 4th amendment took a major hit.  I was starting to believe that we were getting our freedoms back with the successes we have had in the past few years with the 2nd amendment.  Now we have this going on, how much longer before we have the police "drop" by to see how things are going in our houses.  This goes back to old English law, the DEFENCE of your home?  this is bringing back the days of serfdom where the king or one of his agents can drop by for no reason, barge in and you have to accept this as normal?   What is next?  First night*?  This is crap this is our government wanting to become our political master where we are at the beck and call of our betters.  Where all we do is work and provide a revenue stream for our political elites and favored political groups.and they can live off our blood, sweat and tears.   I fear that it will turn ugly as more  police decide to *drop* in for a visit for unconstitutional  reasons.  There are still enough people that will not accept this and there will be more news in the papers and other medium about shootouts with the police.  How many people will have to pay before the American people will scream "ENOUGH" and fight to restore the republic.   I don't know if that is possible anymore with the state the voting public.

Supreme Court rules that the 4th can be turned off and on at will by the police....

.Here is the obituary

8-1 with Ginsburg being the only dissenting vote.

Sad day in Amerika.

Indiana ruled last week that you have no right to defend yourself against the cops.  You get to take it to court after the fact (assuming you survive) and hope for a remedy in your favor there.

Pima County, Arizona Sheriff's SWAT Deputies said that they pulled up to Jose Guerena's house with lights and sirens blaring to do a drug investigation.  That statement defies logic.  He grabbed his AR to defend his family.  Never even got the safety off.  71 rounds fired by the police in approximately 7 seconds.  They left him lying for over an hour while he bled out.  Para-Medics were on the scene within 2 minutes but weren't allowed to help him for "security" reasons.  He had served two tours in Iraq and one in A'Stan with the Marines.  Google his name and start reading.  It'll make you sick.  Oh yeah, his wife and 4 year old son were present.   Something fishy here.

Does anyone else see a problem with any of this?  This is fucked up.

* First night is where the noble has the option of visiting the newly married bride and sleeping with her first before her husband can.

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