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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

humor, hardcore saudi group form a facebook about women driving

 I got this from here 

Oh shama lama ding dong and a Muhammad Ali to you infidel dogs! It is no secret that Muslims gave the automobile to the world because of our superior Islamic intelligence. Most of the great race drivers have been Muslim jihad drivers. The great Bobby Allahson, Buddy Burqa helped establish the infidel redneck sport of NASCAR to further Allah’s will!
But today, the Imam is going to preach some ol’ time Islamic beat down religion to all the dogs who call themselves women that think Allah ever intended them to drive a vehicle! Women were never intended to drive cars. Or camels. It is forbidden. That is why Allah, through his prophet Mr. Goodwrench Muhammad (may a new set of Craftsman tools be upon him), invented the stick shift! The stick shift was too complex for the feeble mind of women to grasp! Evil western infidels invented the automatic transmission with Satan’s help and it has all been downhill since!
Haven’t Muslims worldwide witnessed the horrors brought to mankind by western women at the wheel? First, women begin to believe they should be equal (as if!) and allowed to drive. Bwahahaha! Then they start to listen to Satanic western music blaring in the vehicle loud enough to wake the beheaded. Next, women will begin to endlessly talk on cell phones with their friends while driving. Oh, my infidel friends, how women drivers will gab about wanting to buy the latest burqa from the Giorgio ArBombi collection and other vain and evil topics while at the wheel. Before long, they will be putting on infidel face paint while doing all of the above at the same time! It’s enough to make Allah cuss!
This is what we know from the prophet Muhammed. Allah created man and woman. He made man superior to women. Allah made women inferior so they could not drive vehicles. Or camels. As we have seen in the Big Satan, infidel women dog drivers are not able of driving automobiles because they are incapable of driving in one lane and arriving to their destination without a trail of death and destruction. Western infidel women drivers leave behind so much death and destruction, they should be Muslims! By the way, Angry White Imam will behead anyone who swerves in my lane!
The infidel woman might ask the husband why Allah does not allow women to drive? The answer is simple. “Because Allah knows best!” Smack! It is correct to educate your woman.
Then, you may tell her that it says in the blessed Koran in the book of Maserati:
Oh, it is the foolish infidel who will allow a woman to command a camel,
especially if the camel has an automatic transmission and a stereo.
It is an unwise fool and infidel who permits his woman to crash his camel into a wall
because the vain woman is incapable of shutting the hell up on her cell phone for even a minute to drive the camel.

The Koran states the only purpose that allows women to drive automobiles is for them to be used as martyrs in suicide mini-vans. Allah figures he might as well take out a few infidels because women drivers are going to crash anyway! And Chinese women drivers can be used as weapons of mass destruction! Chinese women drivers may be too brutal for even us brutal Muslims to use against infidels! Only Allah has the power to destroy equally as a Chinese woman driver.
So the Imam’s message for all Muslim men (and even you weak infidel male dogs) is to teach your woman the true meaning of the religion of peace. In other words, beat her like a Jew if she even thinks of heading off in your pick-up or camel! If she persists, tell her you are about to do some yard work and dig a hole out back and are having some rocks delivered. That should deliver the loving message from her husband that she will never drive a vehicle! And Allah will bless you!
The Angry White Imam has created an infidel Face Book page for all wise men to join to pledge to beat the bejeezes out of their women if she asks to drive. It is reported here on the infidel Jew Andrew Breitbart page.
So the Imam will leave you evil, infidel swine to go carry out the trash and do your ‘honey-do’ lists in an attempt to keep the peace in your abode as slaves of your western women. There is one song, and one song only, that they Imam listens to in his ride and that is the “Dance of the 1000 Imams!” But you infidels probably could have guessed that! Shama Lama!

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