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Friday, May 20, 2011

What is Obummer reading.......?

I never saw this pic until a few days ago.  I have stated on many occasions that the mainstream media carried his water for him during the elections.

Senator Obama Reading Post-American World-Truth! & Fiction!
Summary of the eRumor: 
An eRumor titled "What's Obama Reading?" with a photo of Barack Obama holding the book, "Post-American World" by Fareed Zakaria.   The eRumor  implies that Obama  is a Muslim, that he is the most liberal nominee to run in history and that this book predicts the end of the United States.

The Truth: 
This short eRumor prompts several questions:
1. If this photo authentic or fabricated?
2. Is Obama the most liberal nominee to ever run for president?
3. Is the book, he’s holding in the picture, which is titled The Post-American World, a scary book written by a Muslim?
4. If it is written by a Muslim, does that make him a “fellow” to Barack Obama.
Let’s take this one question at a time.
1. The photo is authentic and according to a  New York Times Book Blog written May 21, 2008 the original photo was taken by Doug Mills for the New York Times was taken of Barack Obama in Bozeman, Montana.
2. Whether Barack Obama is the most liberal person to ever run for president is a matter of opinion but he is proudly liberal and has ranked as one of the most liberal among senators. The National Journal uses 99 key Senate votes each year to classify Senators and ranked Obama as the most liberal in 2007.
3. The Post-American World was written by Fareed Zakaria who is an editor at Newsweek International, has a regular column in Newsweek, Newsweek International and the Washington Post. He also hosts the weekend CNN program on international affairs, Fareed Zakaria GPS.  He was reared Muslim in India but is an American citizen and describes himself as “not a religious guy.”  In a 2008 Newsweek article about his book, Zakaria wrote, "The post-American world is naturally an unsettling prospect for Americans, but it should not be. This will not be a world defined by the decline of America but rather the rise of everyone else. It is the result of a series of positive trends that have been progressing over the last 20 years, trends that have created an international climate of unprecedented peace and prosperity."
4. There is no evidence that Barack Obama is Muslim although critics attempted to make that an issue in his 2008 presidential campaign. CLICK HERE for TruthOrFiction.com’s article on that issue.
Click here for New York Times blog
Click for Newsweek article on Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria
updated 10/16/08

A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

This will (should) open your eyes.     What does Obama read
The name of the book Obama is reading is titled: The Post-American World, written by a fellow Muslim.   Post-America?  After America?   Scary.... !!!!!!!!!  Please forward this picture to everyone you know to expose Obama's radical ideas and intent for this country! Thanks!

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