The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now that OBL is dead, lets focus back on the budget.

I borrowed this rant from "American Mercenary" an awesome website and I check it every couple of days.  It is worth a bookmark.
With the modern media having the attention span of a chihuahua on crack distracted by the latest "oooh, shiny" story to come along, the death of OBL, a few things have conveniently been forgotten by the empty talking heads.

The budget crisis.  It truly is a crisis.  Our debt to GDP ratio is passing the point of now return, and that means (historically) that we are going into insolvency.

Project Gunwalker.  I want to know the truth.  Who suggested it, who thought it was a good idea, and who ran with the ball once it got approval.

I want to know our exit plan from Libya.

But I am mainly concerned about the budget.  Yes China will have a blue water carrier group soon.  I don't care.  We have wasted ourselves on welfare spending and cannot afford to oppose China.  We cannot afford to oppose China.  We cannot afford to oppose China.  We could NUKE China, but only because the cost of ICBM's is already "sunk" so to speak.  But to anyone who can sit down and look at the numbers, China has already one simply by holding our debt.

Seriously, the most pressing issue in our nation for the last two decades has been the national debt.  Our debt payments to China already cover the vast majority of their military spending.  By 2015 our debt payments to China will cover 100% of their military spending (if they keep it at current funding levels).

Do you really think that there will be a huge market for American fighter planes when they can buy a Chinese fighter with the same capabilities for half the cost?  How many F-35 wunderplanes will we sell against Chinese J-20s? 

Folks, the game is over the clock just hasn't run out yet.  As a nation we lack the will to do what is necessary to stay in the game.  What would it take?  We would have to cut spending and stop paying on the debt.  But more parasites care about getting something from "the rich" or "those evil corporations" than putting a check on Chinese aggression.  Don't tell me that 3% can make a difference when 52% voted for Obama.

We have become (formerly) Great Britain.  We have a generational welfare class that can trace it's beginning to FDR.  We have a highly professional military that is a fraction of what it once was (some traditions die harder than others).  We see free speech dieing to "tolerance" and "diversity".  We see the President getting involved in a "beer summit" over a local matter.

We no longer have rule of law.  Soon it will be more about "who you know" than whether you are right or wrong, and when law is not respected law will become worthless.  Which means that owning a gun will become a crime (because anyone who can resist lawlessness must be eliminated for the lawless to stay in power). 

And I am a .gov employee, I know that I am as much a parasite on the system as any other.  I would love to delude myself and say that I serve the American people, but I don't.  I get a paycheck to enforce the orders of the President through funding appropriated by Congress.  I'm about as far removed from the will of the American people as you can get.

/rant off

I guess the real question is not whether or not you are prepared to survive the collapse, but are prepared to build something from the ashes?  Because right now the words of "Locomotive Breath" are coming back to haunt me..."Ol' Charley stole the handle, and the train it won't stop going no way to slow down." is a pretty accurate summation of our unstoppable Brownian motion towards collapse.  By the end of the song the chorus changes to "Thank God he stole the handle, and the train it won't stop going no way to slow down" as the inevitable crash approaches.

Maybe someday another Gibbon will write "The Decline and Fall of the American Empire."



  1. What Obama is doing is collecting potential future votes for the liberal Democrats from the massive illegal alien population and their relatives. Obama and the liberal Democrats know that most illegal aliens are poor, generally uneducated people, from socialist oriented countries, who as such have historically been natural liberal Democrat supporters and voters.

    In that respect when you hear liberal Democrats talk about "a path to citizenship" for illegal aliens, and then to allow their foreign relatives to come here and be given citizenship, you are listening to liberal Democrat code for eventually granting them all US voting rights. The potential numbers of new foreign born voters emanating from such a policy would be in the tens of millions, and would change the political balance of the USA firmly in favor of the liberal Democrats. If the liberal Democrats ever thought that more then a very small percentage of that population group would ever vote Republican the liberal Democrats would be calling for them to be deported instead.
    If anyone needs any proof of anything I said, take a look at this black racist's blog, he's a white hater and was from the day he was born.


  2. That is an excellent comment. I know whatever those morons in DC are doing is basically guarantee their future power base. All they want is to get reelected and keep the bennies and perks coming. I like the idea more and more about a part time legislative as it was envisioned at the beginning of the republic.


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