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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Iran sends forces to aid Syria

It looks like Iran is trying to become a major player in the region, with Iraq neutralized by infighting Iran is capitalizing on its relation with Syria.  The same Iran that sent revolutionary guards to kill American G.I in Iraq is sending troops to prop up the Syrian president in the fighting that is going on in his country.  This will basically tie Syria closer to Iran especially if Israel have to bomb the Iranian nuclear ambitions, this almost would force Syria to attack Israel to support its treaty obligations along with Syria wanting the Golan Heights back.  With Egypt on the cusp of electing a muslim brotherhood as its president this will force a two front war with Israel and the tepid relations between Israel and its most important ally the United States, with Obungler overt support of the Muslim Brotherhood this makes Israel alone in the middle east, a very dangerous position to be in.

Tehran Sent Troops to Syria - Iranian Officer

RIA Novosti
13:35 29/05/2012
MOSCOW, May 29 (RIA Novosti) - A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander has admitted that Iran has sent its troops to help the regime of embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fight opposition forces.
“Before our presence in Syria, too many people were killed by the opposition but with the physical and non-physical presence of the Islamic republic, big massacres in Syria were prevented,” Ismail Gha’ani, the deputy head of Iran’s Quds force, a shadowy branch of the Revolutionary Guards in charge of overseas operations, said in an interview with the semi-official Iranian Student’s News Agency (ISNA), according to a report by the Persian-language GozaraNews website.
ISNA published the interview on Sunday night, but subsequently removed it from its website “under pressure,” the report said.
Syria is Iran’s most important regional ally, and Tehran has long used its neighbor’s territory as a base for operations to maintain a lifeline to militant groups Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran’s proxies in southern Lebanon and Gaza.
Rumors that Iran has provided military support to Assad, to assist his crackdown on the popular uprising that has challenged his family’s 40-year grip on power, have circulated since the outbreak of protests in Syria in March 2011.
The Gha’ani remarks followed the weekend massacre of more than 100 civilians, including dozens of children, in the Houla township in western Syria, which has triggered an international outcry, including a Sunday statement by the UN Security Council describing the massacre as an “outrageous use of force against civilian population.”
Syrian opposition activists have blamed the killings on pro-government fighters, an accusation categorically denied by the Syrian authorities, who said the tragedy was a terrorist plot aimed at undermining the regime.
UN observers working in Syria have confirmed that tanks and artillery were used in the weekend attacks on Houla, as well as that many of those killed were stabbed or shot at point-blank range, raising questions among observers about who could benefit from the tragedy.

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