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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sale of F-16 C/D models to Taiwan

   Sorry for the lack of postings for the past few days, went camping with the cub scouts and was away from the computer.   Now I am back:)

Here is some more information on the F-16 go here and here.

     You know that it is funny that the Obungler administration will not sell more advanced weapons to a valued U.S. ally for fear of offending the mainland Chinese.  Something is wrong with this picture.  Obungler and crew has this affinity for throwing long time U.S allies under the bus for political gain.  I wonder how much the Red Chinese will contribute to his reelection campaign.  In 2008 Obunger got a lot of donations from Hamas and after his election Obungler proceeded to voice his opinion that Israel needs to go back to the pre 1968 borders in exchange for peace.  Funny that the palestinians can break all the peace accords and it is OK but Israel has to compromise again and again...for peace.   I see the same thing happen to Taiwan.  Part of the reason that the Red Chinese hasn't invaded their"breakaway" Provence is the United States Navy 7th Fleet.   Wonder if Obungler orders them not to interfere in what he calls a domestic issue.  Funny that he fails to comment when the Iranian people tried to overthrow the mad mullahs but he sticks his nose in Libya and encourages what he called ""Arab Spring"    I guess it supports his agenda of screwing up the American foreign policy and lessening the United States.

U.S. Congress to debate sale of F-16 fighters to Taiwan

ROC Central News Agency
2012/05/18 14:32:02
Washington, May 17 (CNA) The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to debate Thursday and Friday a proposal to provide Taiwan with new F-16 fighter jets, Rep. Phil Gingrey said.
The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act will require the administration of President Barack Obama to sell at least 66 F-16 C/D fighters to Taiwan, the Republican lawmaker said while taking part in a discussion on Taiwan-U.S. relations hosted by the Heritage Foundation.
The co-chair of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus said Congress will continue to ask the U.S. government to fulfill its defense commitment to Taiwan and exert pressure on the Obama administration on the arms sale until it is accomplished.
With China having deployed 1,400 missiles targeting Taiwan and developed a new generation of military technologies, Washington should pay attention to whether Taiwan's military capabilities are sufficient to deal with the challenge, he said.
Taipei, whose fleet of F-16 A/B fighters is aging, has repeatedly asked Washington to sell it F-16 C/D jet fighters, but to no avail.
In September 2011, the U.S. approved the sale of a retrofit and training package for F-16 A/B fighters worth an estimated US$5.85 billion instead of offering new F-16 C/D fighters, but Taiwan still covets the more advanced fighters to narrow the gap with China.
In a letter to Republican Senator John Cornyn last month, White House assistant Robert L. Nabors said the United States will consider a proposal to sell new fighter jets to Taiwan as one of the options to address the military imbalance across the Taiwan Strait.
Asked to comment on the issue Thursday, Randall Schriver, a former deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, said the possibility exists for Washington to sell the F-16 C/D fighters to Taiwan this year.
(By Lin Shu-yuan and Y.F. Low)

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