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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Occupy Protest cost taxpayers 30 million

Got this off Weaselzippers

Occupy Protests Cost Taxpayers Almost $30 Million…And the Tea Party Protest cost Zero.  One is by adolescent know it all jerks and the other is with law abiding citizens.

Costliest temper tantrum ever?
Via Big Government:
A tally based on press reports nationwide puts the total at nearly $30 million:
Total: $29,110,827

          Tea Party Protest...$0.00   We even paid for the permits and portapotties and cleaned up afterwards.

I’m just curious as to why there isn’t an “occupy Compton” or “occupy south central” or “occupy Arkansas/Mississippi/Kentucky” .. could it be people in those areas have low tolerance for spoilt rich white kid bullshit?  I am just tired of all the coverage these idiots gets from the fawning media

     These occupooper morons have done nothing for the country nor contribute to it. So, in all truthfulness, the bastards have no right to say anything.The Unions continue to support them.
Screw the leftist assholes from akkkedemia who wish they were alive in the 60s,
the poor old faggots from the 60s who can’t accept that they’re old,
the poor lil rich kids who just learned the barney cartoons telling them they’re “special” lied to them; their college degrees in useless shit (“I have a master’s in expressive dance and I can’t find a job”) won’t even get them a management position at Burger King! and the rest of the leftist/anarchist/communist douchenozzles.  And Nancy Pelosi says "god bless them"
I wish most of them got their wish and had to live under communism or anarchism… their life expectancy rates would be less than 30 minutes  Where their rights would be "which ear do you want the bullet" and due process is when they ask "Which family member do you want to get billed for the bullet?"

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