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Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping modern style....

I and my son went to Webelo resident camp so he can earn some activity pins on his road to the Arrow of Light.  I took my Droid and my KindleFire.  I was able to use my phone to create a hot spot to piggyback my kindlefire.  I was able to surf around but I wasn't able to post.  That is why I had this break on posting and activities.

  This is my son practicing some of the knots that are a requirement for his outdoorsman pin.

    We spend 5 days in the woods at Camp Thunder.  It is a good Boy Scout Base that can handle Webelo and Cub Scout also.  My son also learned many other things including "Readyman" or first aid and Geology.  Also more outdoorsman or camping in the outdoors.  Also Leave no trace and conservation.   He also learned a new weapon system....  

  Pellet Rifles......This is his first exposure to it. He has fired Arrows, BB's, 22's and my AR-15:)  He did well at it.  the principles of good marksmanship applies to all.

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