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Thursday, March 29, 2018

"And they shall lead us...."

 I had started this morning on this post, but I quickly ran out of gas, it was a long day at work and I had this idea for a post and wanted to work on it but by the time I got home, my creativity was zip, zero, zilch, nada, goose egg...well you get the picture.  I have a few times pushed through and posted something anyway but reading it later, I was embarrassed because it wasn't very good.

    Well anyway y'all by the way have seen the latest push to disarm the citizens by the democrats and the gun control statist and other leftist groups.  I have stated many times that the end goal is to break the middle class, to have a very rich group and a bunch of poor people depending on the government for survival and sustenance.  This guaranteeing the big government control, I know what is best for you crowd permanent control.   I have blogged in the past several times about the Kulaks.   Why do I use a reference to "Kulaks" to describe the middle class?, to understand your enemy, you have to know your enemy including the references they use.  They use "Kulaks" to describe the landowning peasants of the Russian Middle class.

Here is an exerpt from one of my posts on the "Kulak" heading. back in 2015, before Trump even popped up on the radar and Hillary was already positioning herself for her inaugural run for the presidency.

     In Rules for Radicals, several themes persist throughout Alinsky’s lessons to future community organizers. The most notable is his use of symbol construction to strengthen the unity within an organization. Often, he would draw on loyalty to a particular church or religious affiliation to create a firmly structured organization with which to operate. The reason being that symbols by which communities could identify themselves created strongly structured organizations that were easier to mobilize in implementing direct action. Once the community was united behind a common symbol, Alinsky would find a common enemy for the community to be united against.
The use of common enemy against a community was done to promote another theme of Rules for Radicals, nonviolent conflict as a uniting element in communities. Alinsky would find an external antagonist to turn into a common enemy for the community within which he was operating. Often, this enemy would be a local politician or agency that had some involvement with activity that was causing detriment to the community. His goal was to unite a group through conflict with an external antagonist. Once the enemy was established, the community would come together in opposition of it.
     This management of conflict heightened awareness within the community as to the similarities its members shared as well as what differentiated them from those outside of their organization. The use of conflict also allowed for the goal of the group to be clearly defined. With an established external antagonist, the community’s goal would be to defeat that enemy, whether it be a politician, policy, or opposing agency.

     I have mentioned in the past that the modern SJW's are Marxist and they are doing what history taught them.  I will  make a historical point..remember the external antagonist that is required for the SJW's?

According to the political theory of Marxism–Leninism of the early 20th century, the kulaks were class enemies of the poorer peasants. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin described them as "bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people and profiteers, who fatten on famine.” Marxism–Leninism had intended a revolution to liberate poor peasants and farm laborers alongside the proletariat (urban and industrial workers). In addition, the planned economy of Soviet Bolshevism required the collectivisation of farms and land to allow industrialisation or conversion to large-scale agricultural production. In practice, government officials violently seized kulak farms and murdered resisters; others were deported to labor camps.

    According to the political theory of Marxism–Obamaism of the early 21th century, the white people were class enemies of the poorer peasants. Barack Obama described them as "bloodsuckers, vampires, bitter clingers, plunderers of the people and profiteers, who fatten on white privilege.” Marxism–Obamaism intended a revolution to liberate poor urban people and farm laborers alongside the cube dweller. In addition, the planned economy of Globalism Bolshevism required the collectivization of assets to allow  the future green economy or conversion to large-scale clean energy production. In practice, government officials violently seized white middle class assets and murdered resisters; others were deported to FEMA camps..

     It isn't much of a stretch, I see history replaying before me, I see the same thing that Lenin and later Stalin did to break the power of the kulaks whom were land owning peasants.  In the modern sense, they need to break what they call the political power of the middle class to guarantee their power.  If they can use social pressure to make a law to seize the assets of people that are considered "class enemies".  Remember the 401K's that millions of people have....most of them are middle class and white.  That is an example.  That is billions of dollars sitting in there where the government can't touch it....But the government can change the rules, then seize it....You doubt me?  look at Greece, Cyprus and other places.  The government seized assets for the "Common good".  See a parallel?  the outrage you see against whites is just an excuse for plunder on a wide scale.  The government in the name of social justice and equality can and will seize assets....They will use the social outrage, the same thing Lenin and Stalin used against the Kulaks to further the transforming of Russia into the Soviet Union.  The enemy of the political elites are the middle class, the SJW's are useful idiots being used to create a have and an have not society.  The middle class is a check on the power of the political elite.  The elitist would have a complete society that depended on them for sustenance..once you control their sustenance, you control them....then you can do whatever you wanted.  That is the Endgame.

  What I am getting at is that once totalatarian government is in place, they first start subverting the kids, they kids are easiest to manipulate...I will use a video clip from Samurai Jack the 5th season, to make a point.
  The subtitles are in another language...Hey I take what I can get.
    The statist subvert the kids first because they are the most malleable to support the goals of the state.  For years after the Bolsheviks took over Russia and it became the Soviet Union, there was an organization that was formed to indoctrinate the young, they are called the Young Pioneers  and besides learning the tenets of Marxism, they also were used to spy on the parents and the kids would rat out their parents if they did something that violated the decrees from the local communist party commissar.  In Russian life, especially back then, they had a little shrine in each houses with religious artifacts relating to the orthodox church  The kids were indoctrinated to believe that there was no god but Marx and Lenin and later Stalin, and the kids would squeal to the commissar what their parents are doing involving religion, writing, who the friends were and many others.  As part of communist life was the act of "denouncing" someone who has strayed from the path of true marxism and using the power of the state depending on the transgression the "denounced" would be humiliated, beaten, shipped to a gulag to work off their sin or even killed.

     Hitler also did the same thing, he created the HJ or the "Hitler Youth",
The members of the Hitler Youth were viewed as ensuring the future of Nazi Germany and were indoctrinated in Nazi ideology, including racism. The Hitler Youth appropriated many of its activities of the Boy Scout movement (which was banned in 1935), including camping and hiking. However, over time it changed in content and intention. For example, many activities closely resembled military training, with weapons training, assault course circuits and basic tactics. The aim was to instill the motivation that would enable its members to fight faithfully for Nazi Germany as soldiers. There was great emphasis on physical fitness and hardness and military training than on academic study. Sacrifice for the cause was inculcated into their training. Former Hitler Youth, Franz Jagemann claimed for instance that the notion "Germany must live" even if they (members of the HJ) had to die was "hammered" into them.

The Hitler Youth were used to break up Church youth groups, and in anti-Church indoctrination, used to spy on religious classes and Bible studies, and interfere with church attendance. Education and training programs for the Hitler Youth were designed to undermine the values of the traditional elitist structures of German society along with their privileges; their training also aimed at an obliteration of social and intellectual distinctions between the classes, so as to be replaced and dominated by the political goals of Hitler's totalitarian dictatorship. Besides promoting a doctrine of classlessness, additional training was provided that linked state-identified enemies such as Jews with Germany's previous defeat in the First World War, and societal decline.As historian Richard Evans observes, "The songs they sang were Nazi songs. The books they read were Nazi books.   They are true believers.   What I am doing with my long post is making parallels from the past is to describe what I see now going on, we have had several generations of kids indoctrinated with the belief that the state is mother, the state is father and the state knows what is best.  We have had several generations of kids that are willing to surrender their birthright of freedom on the alter of "big Brotherism".  The latest movement to gut the 2nd amendment is part of the plan, because if the people or in this case the "kulaks" are unarmed, then their property can be seized for redistribution to the masses in "reparations" for past misdeeds.  This in effect will create 2 classes of people, the super rich who lold the power, and the unwashed masses that depend on the state for protection, and sustenance.   This is the endgame of what is being played out.
Here is a link where a Hitler speech was dubbed over on the darling of the left Hogg,
    Youtube put up a block, that you have to get past and it isn't "sharable" so I cut and pasted a link,
 Hogg/Hitler Youtube link

    The far left is using the kids to push their agenda, the kids are being used by Soro's and his crowd.  Anybody that believes that this is a kid run movement is living in lala land and delusional.  The people providing the logistics are professional leftist and organizers.
     This is what will happen to us once we give up our means of self defense against evil from both people or governments.


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  1. I feel the same, Mr. G. I have never felt such dread or worry for the protection of my rights. Ugh. And anger. Now I am an angry gun toting Jesus lover which will probably put me on the FBI watch list.


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