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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sorry for the lack of Posting.

I have been super busy, mostly with work but some other stuff also.  while I am working, I would get these great ideas for post but like the smoke from a campfire, when I get home the idea  has slipped away.   Don't help that I am tired and sore when I get home.  
Prelude to Axanar.
Axanar is a Star Trek Fan film, this video was filmed back in 2014 and I was blown away by the quality of the fan film.  Richard Hatch from BattleStar Galactica(1978) Apollo was the Klingon Warlord Kharn.  Suvol the Vulcan Ambassador from Star Trek Enterprise reprises his role here.
     Here is some Background on the effort.  The People that filmed "Axanar" have formed "Ares Production" and have moved to Georgia to a location north of Atlanta.  Georgia has a booming film industry and many people are moving their productions here from Hollywood, partly because of the cost and the shows like the "Walking Dead" which was filmed in my area frequently has showcased the talent.
     The Saga of Bjorn
Another of my favorites, the saga of Bjorn, an old viking trying to enter Valhalla. 


  1. Both good ones, and you gotta feel sorry fo Biorn... sigh

  2. Watched the Star Trek film. Very well done.


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