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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

When to upgrade your AR Pattern Rifle.

I have an article from Jay with Minuteman Review. He had asked me if he could contribute an article and I said "Sure", I have done that for "Eric@ammoman,com a few times.   I had checked out the website and it is full of information that might prove useful for my readers.  I had a heck of a time getting pics for the Assorted AR's.  I originally used "google" but the amount of antigun crap and propaganda was annoying.  I wound up using "DuckDuckGo" with the exception of all the advertising I had to deal with but I didn't have to wade through the anti-gun crap. .  I had to try this with my Chrome Browser, my "Pale Moon was giving me trouble with this.

Reasons to Upgrade Your AR-15
The AR-15 is one of the widely sought-after weapons among shooting enthusiasts, regardless of the bad name it has been given as a result of featuring in the Newtown/Aurora shootings. This rifle-style gun remains the all-time suitable firearm for home defense – this is because it is legal and lethal, provided that the owner uses it properly.
In the words of some dudes, “the AR-15 is America’s Gun, the rock star of weapons, and the symbol of the nation’s freedom.” These words bring back the Second Amendment to mind – “the right to bear arms should not be infringed.”
One of the appealing things about the AR-15 is that you can replace almost every part of the gun – quite a desirable feature. As a result, the gun is versatile as well as a fully customizable weapon. With tons of AR-15 upgrades available, you can be sure of constructing your own unique and personalized rifle.

The AR-15 is quite versatile, which is partly the reason for its popularity. And, many manufacturers of firearms offer this assault-type gun. Truth be told – all AR-15 out there are not created equal – this is a vital fact you should bear in mind. In essence, you will find both high-end versions and low-quality versions in the market, depending on the brand. An upgrade is a great way to boost a lower version rifle and maximize a higher-version rifle. Of course, you should expect to pay a much higher price for the higher-end models and versions.

The big question is, why should you upgrade your AR-15 rifle? 
Uniqueness: There are tons of other rifles in this category that look like your AR-15. So, if you are like some of us who love uniqueness even up to our gears, you would want to customize your rifle to make it unmistakably yours. But, that’s just a minor reason to upgrade your AR-15.

Versatility: One of the major reasons you would highly consider an upgrade of your rifle is to make it more versatile than it is presently. By customizing and

personalizing your AR-15, you can transform it from a plain rifle to a multi-caliber, force-multiplying and sharp-shooter. The good news is that there are extensive arrays of upgrade options to choose from.
Appearance and Ergonomics
Another good reason to retouch your assault-type rifle is to achieve improved feel and appearance. For instance, some lower-priced AR-15 rifles do not offer comfy grip due to poor ergonomic design. But, with a grip upgrade, you can improve the ergonomics and entire appearance of your rifle.

Typical/Best Examples of Upgrades You Can Accomplish on Your AR-15
#1: Optics
One of the meaningful and key upgrades you can make on your AR-15 is optics upgrade. Going for a cost-effective optics can mean a lot when it comes to enhancing your rifle. For instance, if you have poor eyesight, you may not perform optimally with iron sights. Just get ready to spend a bit more on a decent optics upgrade – it is worth the extra cash anyway. With a little over $130, you can accomplish a decent optics upgrade on your AR-15 – some brands cost more. Some of the options to choose from include red-dot, holographic sights, and reflex.

#2: The Grip
The grip is also a meaningful upgrade that anyone can accomplish on an AR-15 rifle. The feel of the rifle in your hands is a huge factor when it comes to whether or not you will enjoy a greater level of comfort on the shooting range. So, if your rifle feels bland, boring and uncomfortable, your mind will be focused more on the discomfort than the shooting task you want to accomplish, ultimately disrupting your shooting accuracy.
This is why you should consider grip upgrade on your AR-15 – in fact, it is one of the most popular upgrades that shooting enthusiasts accomplish on their AR-15. It’s a great way to enhance your shooting experience. So, before you step out, you need to decide on what you are more comfortable with – a more rigid or
smoother piece of hardware.
Another important factor in accomplishing a desirable grip upgrade on your rifle is your choice of material. For instance, would you rather prefer polymer to rubber, without or with a fiberglass reinforcement, provided that it perfectly suits your shooting style? Also, you may want to consider an appropriate color based on your individual preference.
You can also go for custom grip models available in different types – e.g. pistol grips, angled and vertical fore-grips, magazine well grips, and handstops. There are tons of benefits that come with a new grip. For instance, you can find models that enhance recoil absorption, lowering muzzle climb. Consequently, you can increase successive shot accuracy. So, think things through and consider all the factors mentioned when going for grip upgrade on your AR-15.

#3: Triggers
When it comes to triggers, there are extensive options to suit every shooter’s preference – straight or curved, long or short. Your trigger finger ultimately determines when the barrel releases a round. As a result, trigger is a common AR-15 upgrade among shooting enthusiasts.
With a perfect trigger, your finger will feel comfortable, resulting in consistent shooting accuracy with your AR-15. Another feature you should look out for when choosing a trigger is a comfy level of resistance. You would want to use your rifle in any given scenario and environment without restriction – so, it’s important you go for a very durable trigger.
If you are using your rifle for home defense, the single-stage triggers would aid firing as soon as you pull the trigger – it won’t fail. And, for competition shooting, the two-stage triggers are more desirable. They are also great for recreational shooting. Here’s the bottom line; you should consider the dominant task you want to accomplish with your AR-15 before choosing a trigger.

#4: Barrels
Upgrading to a longer or shorter barrel depends on the major task you want to 

use your rifle for, as well as your shooting style. You may also want to choose between a lighter or heavier barrel.
Some shooting enthusiasts are attracted to longer barrels since they offer an improved accurate shot. On the other hand, many go for a shorter barrel because it offers versatile shooting experience.
For home intrusion and self-defense purposes, you should go for a barrel you can maneuver with ease – the shorter barrel is a perfect fit in this case. Besides, with a shorter barrel, you can shoot faster. On the other hand, if your major purpose is to accomplish accurate shot groups, you should rather settle for the longer barrels.
In conclusion, it is also worthwhile to consider AR-15 upgrade on stocks, anti-rotational pins, rail systems/free-floating hand-guards, muzzles, and slings. Indeed, most parts are better when upgraded. 


  1. Upgrade? Ha! I still fly with an old copy of the XM16E1 (12 to 1- no less), complete with three prong-er! Not sure if it beats my Enfield N. 4 Mk.I or my 1st Mod Brown Bess- (Complete with a long pointy bayonet that never runs dry_. But I can shoot them. Remember, as the Tee Shirt says "Just because I'm old, doesn't mean you're out of range".

  2. I would question the statement about the shorter barrel allowing faster shooting, other than that, he does a good job of giving options.

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      I surmise that the "faster shooting" probably relates to the "CQB" style of shooting that is popular, and the shorter barrel makes it easier to bring the rifle on target where the longer barrel might hit something.


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