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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Rise of the Red Guard

For those of us that recall history, we know the dangers of reliving it.  Instead of some foreign country, it is starting to happen here, and it is the cancel culture.  if you don't toe the party line, you are doxxed, silenced, or fired from your job.  This is a frightening time as an American, what happened to our ability to have an opinion?  I snagged this from Bill O Reilly.

 Rise of the Red Guards

While individual Americans are trying to figure out if they are as racist as the corporate media believes, California has already reached its conclusion.  The United States and its Caucasian citizens are, indeed, purveyors of bigotry and oppression.
So, Golden State educators are damn well going to do something about it.
According to reporting by City Journal, California’s Department of Education has approved an “ethnic studies model.”  This curriculum contains programs that advocate “decolonizing” the USA (open borders) and “liberating” students from capitalism, patriarchy, and “settler colonialism.”
Wow.  That’s quite a lift for Middle School.
The California vision is not new.  In fact it is directly cribbed from that old rascal Mao Zedong.  Back in 1966, the Chinese Communist dictator, whose hobby was mass murder, stood in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square waving to hundreds of thousands of “Red Guards,” students who were rooting out all cultural opposition to Mao’s reign of terror.
The young people destroyed books and art deemed not to be red enough.  They renamed streets and destroyed statues. They burned anything religious.  About seven thousand pieces of private property were demolished because China had outlawed private property.
In just two months, August and September 1966, fanatical members of the Red Guards murdered nearly 1,800 people in Beijing alone.  Many of the victims were designated as “capitalists.”
Back in California, Jorge Pacheco is doing his best to resurrect the non-lethal spirit of the Red Guards. Jorge is the radical left president of the California Latino School Boards Association and a top advisor to the state’s ethnic studies vision.
Jorge Pacheco is not a shy guy.  He openly admits the curriculum is based on a Marxist tenet called “pedagogy of the oppressed.” That line of study calls for students to “understand” their oppression and eventually “overthrow” their oppressors.
The taxpayers of California are funding this hateful campaign and I have heard little public dissent from politicians and the media.
Does Governor Newsome oppose?  
Does George Clooney see the danger here?
Has the local California media condemned this?  Anyone?
How about President Biden and Vice President Harris?  Well, last week both of them told the world America is surely a racist country.  And that means the USA has to be an oppressive nation.  Right?
With little opposition, the nation’s largest state is embarking on a mass “re-education” campaign in some public schools; a curriculum that will surely lead to intense confrontation on the part of students who embrace it.
Somewhere, in a very warm place, Mao Zedong is waving.

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  1. They will start eating their own, then what??? And the parents are already pushing back!!!


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