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Monday, December 6, 2021

Monday Music "Got A Hold On Me" by Christine McVie

 I have been Super busy at work...again and haven't been able to post like I want,

I grabbed it while I could.  I have a couple of days off now.

 I am continuing my "What songs would I play if Sirius/XM let me host a segment for an hour and these are the songs that I could play over and over again 3 or 4 times before continuing to the next song.  I will continue the *Boogaloo* theme after Christmas, that poor theme I had started November of 2019 and rode it hard like that little burro that carries the really fat lady down the grand canyon and back up again so it is still recharging in the pasture eating grass and grain before use it again.


Christine McVie is the second solo album by the British Fleetwood Mac vocalist / keyboardist Christine McVie, released in 1984.
It was McVie's first solo recording since her 1970 self-titled release (under her maiden name). It features two U.S. top-40 hit singles, "Got a Hold on Me" (US#10) and "Love Will Show Us How" (US#30). The album itself also achieved modest success in the United States, peaking at #26 and spending 23 weeks on the Billboard 200.In the UK, the album entered at #58 on chart.
The band on this album includes Christine McVie (keyboards, percussion and vocals), Todd Sharp (guitar and backing vocals), George Hawkins (bass and backing vocals), and Steve Ferrone (drums and percussion).

Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham sings backing vocals on tracks 2, 7 & 10, plays guitar on tracks 3 and 6, and plays lead guitar on track 10. Mick Fleetwood plays drums on track 5. Eric Clapton plays lead guitar on "The Challenge," and Steve Winwood shares lead vocals on "One in a Million" and contributes backing vocals and piano to "Ask Anybody," as well as playing synthesizer on several tracks.

The video for the song was produced and directed by Jon Roseman and premiered in February 1984. Shot in both black-and-white and color, it is a pseudo-performance video showing Christine McVie in a mansion-like room singing at her piano while a backup band appears in silhouette shadows on the walls around her.


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