The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 I am going to switch gears from my many postings on gun control and switch to an event that is happening on the international stage.  Egypt.   Egypt has been an American Ally since the mid 80's   We have had quite a few military exercises like Bright Star and other exercises and until recently they have been a staunch ally acting like a stabilizing influence in that area.  Egypt supported us and supplied troops during the first Gulf war, I remember seeing Egyptian troops at some of our supply dumps getting POL(Petrol-oil-lubricants ) and other gear while we were there getting supplied also.  They have a large well trained Army with a lot of western equipment and training. 
      Now we have massive riots in Egypt with people demanding Mubarak to step aside.  The Muslim brotherhood is believed to piggybacking on the peoples desire to change( the fact that 10,000 criminals and radicals have been freed supports the assertion that the brotherhood is using this to beef up their ranks and also gain some legitimacy with the people.  There have been other protest in the Sudan, Jordon and In Lebanon,  I believe that the brotherhood and their buddies in the other Islamic radical groups are taking advantage of the weakness shown by our president in this matter.  Obama is showing that again  he has no interest in international matters and is perfectly willing to sell out another ally in the middle east.  he already shows that he is willing to throw Israel to the wolves since he considers them occupiers of Palestine.  Which goes to his base belief  system that is formed by his dad.  Obama had stated in his first book that he will stand with the Muslims.   This shows that again America cannot be trusted to back an ally in time of need.  Elections have consequence as 2008 again demonstrates.   America had elected an empty shirt, full of fluff and catchy slogans, but no substance.    Israel is faced with a dilemma since they withdrew from the Sinai in the early 80's.  that is what they took in the 1967 war, it gave them a buffer against Egypt, a hostile power at that time.  This proved important since this was proven in 1973 yom kippur war when Israel was attacked by both Syria and Egypt.  Israel sent most of their force to the golan heights to stop Syria while the reserves were called up.  The resulting battles were some of the most brutal of the region. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yom_Kippur_War

      The resulting war allowed Egypt to have peace with honor and Anwar Sadat sighed a peace treaty with Israel in 1977 at Camp David with Jimmy Carter brokering.   Egypt has honored the treaty since, but if an Islamic sharia based government forms like Iran, this will be a nightmare for the Israeli's. to deal with since they don't have the buffer zone of the Sinai.  Israel will have to seal with both Syria and Egypt along with Hezbollah throwing rockets across from Lebanon.
      The next few weeks and months will be very interesting and dangerous for Israel as well for the stability of the middle east with Iran flexing its muscles through its proxy armies.

      An educated populace is the best defence against tyranny

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