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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holland"islam democrat wants to ban dogs"

I got this from one of the German news sites that I frequent for news that our obungler media buries or ignores.

In Holland there is something that will soon be in Germany as well: an Islamic Party. The party, ironicallly, is called “The Islam Democrats,” as though Islam and democracy have anything at all to do with each other, or should have. The newest, overall intelligent recommendation by this party in The Hague city council is the banning of dogs. In our part of the world, the dog is man’s best friend. In the Muslim world, it’s quite the opposite. Dogs are considered najassah (unclean), and the word “dog” is also used as an insult.

Hasan Kücük, member of The Hague city council for the Islam Democrats has therefore demanded that the ownership of dogs as house pets become a crime. This bill, of course, has led to protests among the Dutch people. Many of them see this bill, and rightly so, as a part of the advancing islamization of Europe.
A dog is thankful to you when you provide for him, when you provide a place for him to live, and when you take care of him. We also take care of the Muslims who come here, we also take care of ourselves, provide for them, offer them a place to live, pay their bills, give them money, etc. In contrast to the dog, however, they are not thankful, but are ready at anytime to kick you in the back if you dare insult Islam in any way.
The Muslims don’t come here because they appreciate Europe and our lifestyle, but to take over the continent. Since they don’t have the power to carry this out with military violence, instead they are doing it through immigration, reproduction, political infiltration and thereby using the demand of multiculturalism and politically correct tolerance that so many European politicians are encountering them with.
Hasan Kücük will probably not make it through with his bill today. Today, there is still no Islamic Party in Germany. But tomorrow is another day, and another reality where such issues will without a doubt become reality, if today’s Muslim mass-immigration and political cowardice persist

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