The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obungler 2012..time to embrace the horror...

I saw this here

     I am interested, but I don't know if my integrity can turn off to do something like that....What y'all think?

Obama 2012: Time To Embrace The Horror

Time to embrace the horror.
If someone can point out in comments a sound rationale behind anything other than the following three tactics:
1) Abstention,
2) Protest vote for Ron Paul, or
3) Actively engage with the Obama campaign,
I’d listen.
But understand that the likelihood that anyone other than Obamney will be POTUS come January, 2013 is approximately zero.

And if that prediction is correct, then why not help lead the Baughian monkeys to their collective feeding stations to await the next shipment of solar-powered vegan pellets?
Alternatively, folks who cannot or will not accept the logic of accelerating the collapse of the former USA can view these suggestions as opposition monkeywrenching, if that makes you more likely to participate.
You have heard of running into and through an ambush as a tactic to survive a fight, right?
Consider the following variants (along with those that will be suggested below by fellow readers):
1) As received from a reader who has been there and done that:
A friend got a call from the Obama campaign. They ask if he would vote for the Bamster. Instead of the answer you and I might give, he said ‘you bet’ and went on to praise Obama and asked how he could help Obama get reelected.
They are sending him a package of campaign material worth hundreds: bumper stickers, buttons, street signs. Of course these items are going straight in the trash. Do this times a thousand – maybe a million times – and we make a real difference in the Bamster’s ability to finance his campaign.
Thought you might want to get in too. If you do, pass this idea round to folks you know.
Get the Obama campaign to spend as much as you can.
2) Go full Chiêu Hồi on Barry’s people. Volunteer to make phone calls, work tables, and otherwise serve as a typical local campaign supporter of the President. Have your “I’m been reading Howard Zinn and he’s really made me see some things differently about America” rap practiced and ready to go.
However, just as many chiêu hồi deserters did during the Southeast Asian War Games, you will be gathering actionable intelligence in your area for post-election use as you deem fit. Names, places, donors, local Democratic leaders, whatever you can find – know that each tidbit can be useful as the screw tightens during 2013 and subsequent years.
Know also that simply by reading and passing this information to ten others on your mailing list (and asking them to do the same), you will be disturbing those wet-palmed, zit-faced little DHS turds who read every post at this and every other freedom-oriented site.
You and each of your email recipients actually taking the next step and engaging with Team Obama in “support” of the re-election campaign in your area will further disturb those stooges.
Just imagine if every stop sign in your AO had an “Obama 2012″ bumper sticker just below the “STOP” command.


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  1. Stomach would rebel if I tried to chieu hoi this election - remember the originals.
    Romney is McChange Lite - the second coming of McVain. If no one comes out of a brokered convention....
    Vote for the Green candidate and push them over 5% of the vote. Split the Prog vote and money by helping THEM commit political suicide.....