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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Muslim ceremony in Vienna

I got the link on this one and watched it.  I am not certain of the significance of this ceremony, watching them do this crap to little kids bothered me.  Now if the Adults wants to play with blades...more power to them, But kids don't need to be, especially the little ones, they have no idea of what is going on.but I am sure that they made good use of that government provided healthcare that Europe is known for.   This is what we will see once this becomes entrenched in the States....wonder if they do this in Dearborn or Tulsa?


  1. One has to wonder where the Austrian version of Child Protective Services was. I'm guessing exactly where our own will be when this does hit Dearborn or Tulsa.
    In the office pretending that nothing is happening.

  2. THAT is just beyond the pale to do that to young children, if you're an adult and CONSENT, that is one thing... sigh