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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jihad in the United States

   I saw this article on some of my " foreign newspapers" that I read because the LSM will not print anything bad about the Chicago Messiah and the protected religion knows as islam.
      I will add a point to this article, Remember Lebanon ? , it was the Paris of the middle east.  It was very secular, but the arabs when they were encouraged to flee the protectorate of Palestine that was governed by the British in advance of the UN mandate that created the state of Israel.  The arabs settled in Jordan and Lebanon.  By their numbers they started to influence the elections in Lebanon, a small vocal minority  pushed the moderate arabs to a more radical position and the Christians that were there used to enjoy protection under the secular laws of that country, found their legal status changed and they became a persecuted minority in their own country.  This started the civil war that still rages.  This is what happens when a vocal minority pushes to get its way.

The Council for American Islamic Relations is waging a fight against laws in two different states that in one way or another prevent Islamic or Sharia law from being practiced in those states.
In Missouri, a law (HB 15120 introduced by State Representative Paul Curtman that is to ban the practice of Sharia law in that state. You can find out more about this law here.
In Pennsylvania, a law (House Bill 2029) intended to limit the practice of foreign law in Pennsylvania courts is in the works. You can find out more about this law here.
Seeing that the FBI is purging its files of anything related to Islam, and that CAIR seems to have added steam in its legal pursuits of instituting Sharia and islamic law in the United States, we can now come to understand that Jihad is alive and well in the US.
American citizens, wake up! Look through the articles on PI and see where all of this will lead. As soon as the islamists feel they have enough power, they will gladly seize it in their goal of a world caliphate!

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