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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iranian Schoolbooks: Islams World Government

I got this from one of the English speaking newspapers in Europe

The elemental force of violence that emanates from islamic ideology should never be underestimated. Naïve politicians and journalists have already made this mistake with the Arab Spring™. Now Iran is in the thick of becoming a nuclear power. The kind of apocalypse that will mean can be seen from a glance at Iranian schoolbooks. Contained in those books is the call for the world government of Islam. Note well: These are not remnants from the dark ages of the Ayatollah Khomeini, rather they are totally current “works,” that have come into existence under the leadership of the “reformer” Chatami. Welt Online presents a shocking insight with their article, “The Hearts of the Pupils Shall Be Filled with Hate (Die Herzen der Schüler sollen von Hass erfüllt sein),” as to how tough the youth are drilled: It is more extreme by far than with the Nazis and Communists combined

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