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Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Impressions of the camp

I can only describe the camp in this way, the first one I can use is the scenery from the first camp is better, but this camp for the troop was much better.   I heard the phrase "Campful of Chick-fil-a employees".  to describe the staff.
The camp is known for its staff,  They have been doing it this way since 1954.  The scouts see this and want to be part of the excellence that the staff is known for.   The other scout leader and I spoke with the program director for 25 minutes, He was talking with us, he was relaxed and he had the ever present radio that the staff carry around.  He would listen to something on the radio but talk to us .  He knew that the staff had the problem in hand...especially since this was the last week for staff, and the staff scout-wide would play pranks it is tradition.  In this case, somebody had put the washer and dryer on the pier for water sports.  They were cleaning up the various pranks around camp.   This program director came from a small council in Mississippi, they have some local scouts but also scouts from the southeast and a couple of international scouts from Hong Kong.

    The scenery was good, we were not hassled by mosquito's, you know the Georgia State Bird..or ticks.  We did get rain....especially in the afternoon.
That is the tree we sat under a lot......doing scout stuff....like naps...stuff what good leaders do.
  I would do some laundry.....

I would put some clean water in the wash bucket, add some laundry detergent, put the clothing in it, close the lid, then use the plunger to agitate the water....if I had mud on it, I would then pull out the clothing in question...scrub them together...put it back in the bucket, and plunge some more...then I would take the shirt out or pants...wring it out...then put it in the other bucket with clean rinse water, agitate it with the plunger...then take out the shirt or pants, then wring it out away from the bucket..then hang it on the clothing line.   worked pretty good.  
 Our Campsite.

The scouts had a lot of time for free swim....this is the "Blob"

 Scouts would jump on it, get hosed with the cold water from the lake.....get into position...the staff would say "blob?"  the guy in the water would say "blob..blob" the scout would jump onto the blog....catapulting the other scout into the water.
We scoutmasters had a "Scoutmaster Brunch"   with 8 different kinds of sausage...
   They have Fruit!!  I had gotten spoiled at our council camp because of the availability of fruit and at Daniel Boone(the other camp) I went to a couple of weeks ago where there was no fruit in the messhall....but they sell it in the trading post.  That irritated me...I like my apples.
      We had a closing ceremony on Friday night, the staff and scouts had a good time, 

Our troop did very well, for a young troop they performed admirably.  The SPL(Senior Patrol Leader) had things well in hand, the kids hung together well and handled everything in stride.  We liked the experience and the troop wants to come back again next year.

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