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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The adventures continues.......at camp

We are still in camp here in the Smokey
mountains,  The scenery is very cool...if you are into trees and mountains..

  I went back to "Boonesboro to walk around and I ducked into the leatherwork shoppe

Watching a belt being crafted for one of the scouts.
   Yesterday we headed off location so the kids could get the "horsemanship" merit badge.
   We got there as this was rolling in....

The kids were able to get some riding in...
There was much more about horses discussed, the class on parts and care of horses
Although I think Old NFO could teach the class since he was around with horses before airplanes came onto the scene.
The camp is very busy, the parade field in front of the messhall Dining facility is always full of scouts playing.
And back at camp, the scouts are working on their "Paul Bunyan Woodsman" award....Even though they don't know it yet...
I am glad we came out here, but I will be glad to come home though, cots today have been designed by Marquis De Sade,   I can't believe that I used to sleep on those things back when I was a scout and then a G.I

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