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Friday, July 15, 2016

Rest of camp..

Last week I posted on my blog stories about summer camp with the Boy Scouts.  Here are the rest of the adventures....and next week I am going with my other troop to summer camp so I will try to post some stuff in the que.  I am not sure how good the internet will be at this camp I am going.  I have been there before but my other troop hasn't.  The other troop is a newer treoop and this is its first trip outside council so it is a big stepping stone for the troop. 
     On Friday we had a scoutmaster dutch oven cookoff.  Cooking with a dutch oven is very neat, educational and filling. *urp*   The scoutmaster that was representing us made a cherry dump cake.  Basically you need 2 sticks of butter, one can of crushed pineapples, one bag of coconut flakes, one can of pie filling and one box of white cake mix.  Open everything and dump it into dutch oven and then cook it over the coals for 1 hour.  We then took the dutch oven to the cook off...
  There were appitizers, ..
 There was main courses....

and desserts
One troop had made "potato Surprise", basically a bunch of new potato's in a dutch oven with some butter and onions.......and then meat loaf......Man talk about my two favorite comfort foods :).  Plus desserts.  And the fellowship was great!  We finished there and slowly headed to camp to escort the troop to the mess hall...
after what we ate, we didn't want to go the the messhall....which was serving "camp" food.  while I was there I earned another "Scoutmaster Merit Badge". 

   The boys on Friday worked what they called the Mountain Man relay" including scout skills...
  The scenery was awesome, the smokie mountains are really beautiful
and the streams that were cutting through camp
 we did have a lot of......you guessed it....Rain, the last 3 days we had a lot of rain.
the campside stayed wet the last 3 days...
But the fire my son and a couple of the other pyro's started kept burning......
All in all it was a very good camp....and we would go again..

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