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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My adventures at camp#2

We left Sunday morning from the Church parking lot..
We set on a 3 hour trip...Yep key in the Gilligan Island theme...We drove through Atlanta, 3 vehicles...remember the 3 vehicles comment....Well we got north of Gainesville and Vehicle number 1 barfs the Transmission.....So we pull over....Vehicle number 1 is doing the dying cockroach....Tranny is nogo at this station.  So I decide to go to Gainesville and rent a uhaul....Remember it is a Sunday and most of the uhaul dealers are closed....so after traveling 39 miles I find an open dealer and get a trailer..
 Meanwhile the other van....Did I say Dodge vans...takes all the scouts except 2 of them...on to camp...and it throws the CV joints.....They pull into a driveway and the nice people shuttle them on to camp.  What an adventure...

     We finally get to camp and get the trailer unloaded and joined the rest of the troup at the campfire..

The Weather rock is having a hard time with the weather...it shows "dry" then we get rain...
    We got our quarters squared away...We adults are experienced campers and will bring "snivel gear" for our comfort.
The scenery is awesome, I was here in April for conclave and already had experience with the camp
And we have a great view of the Smokey Mountain...
The kids are going to merit badge classes and they are enjoying the classes.
   I took a pic of the EDGE method ...
The messhall has fruits!!!!  A couple of weeks ago I attended Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina and there was no fruit in the messhall..

.I found out that they were selling them in the trading post for $.50 an apple.  At Daniel Boone I enjoyed the camp although I felt like an ATM machine for all the extra fees we got charged. 


  1. Oh, that sucks... But Dodge... Glad y'all got there okay, and the vehicles can be repaired!

  2. Oh, that sucks... But Dodge... Glad y'all got there okay, and the vehicles can be repaired!

  3. poop on the car troubles, but looks like a great and wonderful trip going on there. Bravo! Great pics, too!


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