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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday Music "Hysteria" by Def Leppard

You know you have been doing "Monday Music" for a while when you have to check your website to make sure that you haven't already "ran a song".   I was surprised that I didn't already run this song in the past.  This is one of my favorite "Def Leppard" songs.  I bought this album in both vinyl and CD.  Where I was stationed, we would go to "Robinson Barracks" in Stuttgart to visit the big PX, and for a while they had a hard time keeping this album in stock.   I rank this album along with U2 "The Joshua Tree" as the most iconic albums of the late 80's.  Def Leppard puts on a hell of a show, I saw them in Europe and from what I have been told, they still so.  Back then I had the "stupid" money to lay out for a concert but now my taste have changed, something about crowds I suppose and the cost.  I just can't see dropping the money they want for tickets in this day and age.   Next week I will run a song from the 70's, I already have one in mind ;)

"Hysteria" is a love song by the English hard rock band Def Leppard. It is the tenth track on their 1987 album of the same name and was released as the fourth single from that album in November 1987. On VH1 Storytellers: Def Leppard, lead singer Joe Elliott revealed that the song title came from drummer Rick Allen.

The mellow ballad features a clean guitar melody that is very reminiscent of "Goodbye Blue Sky" by Pink Floyd, and heavily multi-tracked vocals in its chorus. The "extreme" nature of producer Mutt Lange's recording methods is also exampled in the chorus, where the clean guitar chords were recorded one note at a time as opposed to the traditional method of strumming them, in effect "building" a chord by recording the notes that make them up as one would build a wall by stacking bricks upon each other one-by-one as confirmed by recording engineer Mike Shipley. An acoustic rendition of the song was performed by Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen on the Hysteria edition of VH1's Classic Albums.


  1. Well, Shazam! Great songs by Def Leppard. Love them. Now how about a little Nirvana? Huh? Yeah, that will give you lots of screwed up rockers and great music.