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Saturday, July 22, 2017

How I feel right now.......

How I feel right now,
    I want to write about the continuing Russiagate crap that is the nothing burger that the democrats keep pushing to excuse the crappy candidate when they ran the PIAP* and they haven't accepted the decision of the election process.

     I keep wanting to write about the continuing leaks and other crap coming out of the whitehouse where different groups are trying to shank President Trump.   I also am wearied about some of the decisions that are being made by President Trump lately.   I am wearied about continuing to argue with the same group of people on Facebook about the President, they live in an echo chamber and I am tired of arguing with these people.  I am starting to wonder if we need to start fracturing along political lines, it is apparent that the people from the other side of the aisle have no interest in "live and let live", we can disagree but we are American first.  They have adopted a "scorched Earth" policies and is implementing this policy now. 
     I want to talk about Al Gore and his latest comment that "parts of the planet have gone past the point of no return", really?   The Earth dying racket had made Al millions of dollars and I wish he would just go away.
     I see where in Minneapolis where a Somali"Refugee"  cop capped an Australian girl and how the leftist over there are bending over backwards not to insult certain identity groups over this shooting by a  PC police officer that should have never graduated from the academy, but was pushed through because the Mayor and Police chief wanted to"Be stylish" and be on the forefront of the leftist causes.
    I am tired of the do nothing Congress for the first time we own both the Presidency and Congress, those bozo's couldn't get anything done, they have spent more time shanking Trump than doing what they are supposed to so.  I understand that with the democrats whom are group animals like ants or lemmings, I know the GOP is like herding cats, but damm, they can't get anything done.

 Now they are worried about the 2018 election cycle and they are wanting to distance themselves from Trump to hope they get reelected, they forgot that we put them in there to help the President get his agenda through the process.  They don't understand that the democrats will vote for the other guy anyway so they kowtowing to the democrat special interest group ain't going to matter except show weakness. going into the 2018 election process.
    I think I will go to the range today.

   Pig in a Pantsuit*

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  1. Yep, we all hit that 'wall' on occasion... sigh