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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gone Shooting....Mixed Results.

I decided to go shooting on Sunday evening after working on the yard and doing some repairs on the truck, so I decided to wash the truck.  Well after washing the truck, I decided to go to the range to see how the new O2 sensors worked if they would throw a code on the OBDII system.(which is the computer type used on all cars and trucks since 1996)

So I head to the range, this is a very nice range on the outskirts of my town.  Well I get in there, sign up for a lane and they tell me that the air conditioner in the range area isn't working due to a lightening strike.   Remember that later on in the story, it does get important.....
    Well I go back there and well it is like a sauna, this is summer in Georgia, it is not only hot...it is humid....remember that last word in a few minutes. 
     I set up the rifles first,
then I set up the Pistols, I decided this was going to be an "Old School Shoot", wheel guns and bolt action rifles.   I then set up my pistols..
The Pistol on the left is my S&W model 14-4, .38 caliber the one on the right is my favorite pistol, it is my S&W 681 .357.  The one on the right used to belong to one of the local police departments a long time ago.  I put the Pacmayer grips when I got the pistol in the late 90's.  I still have the wood grips.  I shot my favorite one first...I fired from according to the distance counter was about 40 feet, I don't know if that is a good distance or not but here was the results..
I had a couple of fliers...what can I say....I did notice that toward the end, the pistol felt like it was "binding", I will have to contact Mac and see if he can do some gunsmithing, I surmise something is worn inside the mechanism.  I do need to get it looked at, this affects reliability and until now, the revolver was my "Goto" gun
   Well next was the 14-4...
The grouping was better, the slightly longer barrel made a difference as was the sights...
I then go and grab my Enfield..
It was a joy to shoot the Enfield, This Enfield was made in 1965 in Ishapore India for the Police. this one shoots 308  It is the same place where my 303 Enfield was made in 1945.   There is something about shooting "old firearms" I bought both Enfields in the late 90's.
This was at 100 feet(the max length of the range indoors), I did ok with the shooting, I will have to start moving the rear sights to dial it center of mass.
     The last was my favorite rifle, my O3A3 made by Remington in 1943, I purchased her in 1987 in Germany and brought her back to the world. 

I sucked...By this time I had been perspiring soo much that my glasses were totally fogged up, and nothing I did would clear it.  Remember the Hot and Humid the range area was....and I couldn't even see the sights no matter what I did, so at this point I called it a day and wrapped my rifles up and the Pistols and went home.  I was a bit disgusted.  I hope they get the A/C up or it will be a while before I go back. 


  1. Used to love shooting old school mil-surp rifles. But as I get older, the darn things seem to get heavier to tote around. Recoil bothers me more than it used to, but a rubber pad slipped over the butt plate compensates. I'll still shoot one from time to time, but not like I used to.

    1. Hey Doug;

      Yeah there is a kick with those rifles, my Mosin Nagant is the worse for beating me up while shooting.

  2. You did not suck. I attribute the "scare rounds" to pre-range drinking, old age, or vision problems. Sweat can be linked to all those, you know Haha. Every day on the range is a good day. You can't be perfect. Only in my eyes are you perfect. :D Thanks for sharing! Love old guns myself

    1. Hey Momma Fargo;

      Now how did you know about my pre Range libation LOL. YOu are right everyday at the range is a good day, then going home and watching a war movie while cleaning some rifles and pistols is good also. And I am glad that you think I am perfect, for I consider you perfection itself...(MWAH) I still am looking for a Garand and a Gewehr 98K but I think those guns have climbed out of range for people like me.