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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More shooting

Well a couple of things, first off my son just came back from summer camp as a participant rather than a staffer at our summer camp.  He showed me what he wore for the 4th of July celebration at camp.

I swear he likes "triggering people".

    Anyway I went shooting today with my "Pops", they were in town to visit the grandkid when he came back from summer camp before he headed out for white water rafting with the church group.
    We went to a range that was farther away but the Air conditioner works, YAY.  It was just pistols today.
Here are the pistols I was shooting,  My .38 S&W, My .32 CZ50 and my S&W .357
.38 shoots
My .357 shoot bottom and my .32 shots on top
I also shot my Pops Ruger SR 45, It is a nice pistol and the 3 dot sights were real easy to use

 I also broke down down the pistol and the pistol was real easy to break down and clean.

  if you are looking for  .45 ACP pistol, it is worth a look.  I am looking at a .45 1911 style but this one is worthy of consideration.

   Another good day at the range, I didn't carry any long guns this time.  next time I will drag out some of my long guns and go shooting.


  1. Nice shooting! And that acorn didn't fall far from the tree...LOL

  2. Goodness, your son is grown up already! Might handsome. Great shooting! Any day at the range or similar is a good day!