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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trump managed to really spool up the far left

In the past  3 days President Trump managed to really spool up the left..
 On Monday he spoke at the National Jamboree in front of 45,000 boy scouts and adult leaders and they gave him an enthusiastic response, I blogged about it.   A lot of people are butthurt and immediately piled on Trump and the boy scouts.  I heard things like "Hitler Indoctrination camp" among others.   I told people "If you like Trump, you will like the speech, if you hate Trump. you will hate the speech.  I thought it was pretty good but the liberals are all in arms about it, until yesterday then he "Trumped" himself by telling the Military that they don't have to accept "transgender" people.  Aw man it was like the Apocalypse to the liberal left.  They have lost their mind, you have George Takai, Ellen and some other liberal LGBTEIEIO activist tell Trump" You don't want to piss off this community"   Well first off...Here is my opinion on celebrity

That basically sums up my opinion.  The same community that can't stand him and already hate him with a visceral passion....He can't ratchet the pain more to those people than he already does. 
     So anyway He says "No to the Transgender" crowd on serving and I and a lot of veterans and active duty people agree with the new policy.  The Armed service is supposed to be an instrument to hurt people and break things, not there for social engineering policies. 
      Gender dysphoria is classified as a disorder under dual role transvestism in the 2017 ICD-10 CM GID was reclassified to gender dysphoria by the DSM-5.
Studies indicate that transgender people have an extremely high rate of suicide attempts; one study of 6,450 transgender people in the United States found 41% had attempted suicide, compared to a national average of 1.6%.
Transgender people are also at heightened risk for certain mental disorders. Banning people based on mental disorders is just common sense, these are jobs that entail exposure to extreme stress and life and death situations and that's just in training.

Please show me where serving in the military is a constitutionally protected right. This is not discrimination, its an employers ability to establish minimum standards for employment. Its another disqualifying factor for initial entry such as bad knees, poor eye sight, or diagnosed mental conditions. Would I go to war with a transgender person, answer depends on the person, has nothing to do with the gender identity. There is always an exception to every situation.


  1. Military bans people with many preexisting medical conditions. It seems absurd to accept transgenders who may be joining only to get medical benefits that cover reassignment surgery. Spending military health care budget on elective major surgery means there's less money to spend for overall health care for the troops and their families, including those who need major rehabilitative care after service related injury.

  2. Ditto all that and more. People are getting really stupider