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Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Music "I think I am in Love" by Eddie Money

I heard this song come running through my Sirius/XM radio and I decided to roll with this song for my "Monday Music".  I will run with Shakin next week.  I remember when this song came on MTV in the early 80's, it was very popular song on the video playlist and it was the second song from Eddie Money that was making the rotation.  MTV made the careers of a lot of musicians and really boosted them to another level.
Eddie Money was born Edward Mahoney into a large Irish Catholic family in Brooklyn and raised in Massapequa on Long Island. His father, grandfather, and brother were members of the New York City Police Department and Eddie was an NYPD trainee. As his interest in music intensified, he eventually ended his law enforcement career in favor of becoming a full-time musician. He moved to Berkeley, California, and became a regular at city clubs, where he secured a recording contract with Columbia Records. In the late 1970s, he charted with singles such as "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets to Paradise". Money continued his successes and took advantage of the MTV music video scene in the early 1980s with his humorous narrative videos for "Shakin'" and "Think I'm in Love," but his career began to decline after an unsuccessful album in 1983, accompanied by his struggles with drug addiction.
Money made a comeback in 1986 and returned to the mainstream rock spotlight with the album Can't Hold Back. The album's Ronnie Spector duet "Take Me Home Tonight" reached the Top 10, as did the hit "I Wanna Go Back." Money followed the album with another Top 10 hit, "Walk on Water" (1988), but his Top 40 career ended following the #21 placement of "I'll Get By" in 1992. During the 1990s and 2000s, Money continued to release numerous compilation albums as well as albums featuring new material.
He joined a 12-step program in 2001 and has said of his addiction that he "came to the realization that I didn't really need [it] for my quick wit."
Today, he still tours regularly, often accompanied by other prominent rock acts from the 1970s and 1980s, and has made several television appearances on American sitcoms. He played himself in season 4, episode 23 of the sitcom, The King of Queens.
Since 1992, Money has traditionally opened the summer concert season for DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan. In 2010, Money performed a medley of his hit singles during the halftime performance at the Liberty Bowl. In 2012, he appeared in a GEICO insurance commercial, in which he owns a travel agency where he sings "Two Tickets to Paradise" to a family who wants tickets for a vacation.

"Think I'm in Love" is a 1982 hit single by American rock singer Eddie Money from his album No Control. Written by Money and Randy Oda (who is perhaps best known otherwise for his collaborations with former Creedence Clearwater Revival member Tom Fogerty). The song was released as a single and reached the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and hit #1 on the Billboard Top Tracks chart.

 No Control, released in 1982, is the fourth album from American rock musician Eddie Money. It was Platinum-certified in 1987, and contains the hits "Think I'm In Love" and "Shakin'."

The music video included elements from classic vampire movies (with Eddie Money cast as a quasi-Dracula character). It was one of the most popular early MTV music videos.

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