The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Under Obamacare.....

I and many other conservatives railed against Obamacare since its inception, we knew that this wasn't about covering the so called 30 million uninsured or some crap, this was control pure and simple.  it is easier to control a populace if they are disarmed and depend on the government for many services. including medical care.   People become very malleable when it comes to the care of loved ones.   Imagine a person that has strong political beliefs and is vocal against the democrats and the obamamessiah,,,all of a sudden the care for his elderly mother or his wife or kids comes into question....Have an IRS agent....you know the organization that under Obamacare has the authority to hire 16,000 additional agents to enforce obamacare...you know the organization that got caught auditing conservative groups either on their own violation which shows an agency that has gone rogue and believes that it is untouchable or at the behest of either the democratic party or the union bosses or even at the behest of President" We have an election to win"  Obama.   They will make an appearance and "remind" you that certain things can happen unless you are very supportive of the President and his policies.  This shows that the IRS doesn't believe in the word of Law...rather it selectively enforces rules to its or its benefactors benefits.   This doesn't bode well for the country.   I wonder if there will be a push to defund Obamacare...or will congress just have hearings to give the Republicans and Democrat politicians political cover since they are all statist anyway and they like a cowed populace, makes it easier for them to remain in power.   You wonder why there has been a concerted push against the second amendment?  The Justice department that is selectively enforcing laws got caught pulling phone records of the AP staff?  This is by accident?   Nothing here but to remind the Obamamedia what can happen if they deviate from the crafted script.

 All of this is be design to make the citizenry helpless.  They just got their hand caught in the cookie jar...this time.  I wonder what other scandals are floating out there compliments of the most transparent administration in history.

The cartoon is compliments of Bracken   the Rant is mine.

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  1. How far from the truth is that last one??? Probably not far!