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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hillary 2020? Yes it is possible...

The rumblings that the Clinton machine is gearing up for another run, I guess to the Clintons...the 3rd time is the charm....
I got this from "Legal Insurrection"

Why stick to someone who couldn’t beat Donald Trump?
Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may run for a third time, according to aide Philippe Reines.
The question is, do the Democrats want her? Hillary has done her best to stay in the limelight, inserting herself into the narrative, giving speeches and interviews, and going on a 13 city tour with her husband President Bill Clinton.
Yet her approval rating remains low and some of her comments have had the left moaning and groaning.

Her longtime aide Reines cannot believe that his boss does not have a spot on lists for possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. From Politico:
“It’s curious why Hillary Clinton’s name isn’t in the mix—either conversationally or in formal polling—as a 2020 candidate,” said Philippe Reines, her longtime gatekeeper in the Senate and at the State Department. “She’s younger than Donald Trump by a year. She’s younger than Joe Biden by four years. Is it that she’s run before? This would be Bernie Sanders’ second time, and Biden’s third time. Is it lack of support? She had 65 million people vote for her.”
Even if half of those people would no longer support Clinton in another election, Reines argued, “there’s no one in the Democratic Party who has anywhere near a base of 32 million people. That’s multiples of what a Sanders or a Warren have.”
Reines said his biggest fear for the Democratic Party is that they realize, only in hindsight, that dismissing Clinton for the errors she made in 2016 was a mistake.
“Chalking the loss up to her being a failed candidate is an oversimplification,” Reines said. “She is smarter than most, tougher than most, she could raise money easier than most, and it was an absolute fight to the death.”
Does that mean she will run in 2020? Reines told Politico that the possibility is “somewhere between highly unlikely and zero, but it’s not zero.”
Some Democrats agree the party shouldn’t brush aside Hillary since she won the popular vote. Democratic strategist Bob Shrum believes the choice has “an element of sexism” and people have “frustration that she lost what people perceive as the unloseable election and an element of Clinton fatigue.”
Others wonder why she should be punished and silenced for losing an election compared to others like John Kerry and Bernie Sanders.
Gee, maybe it’s because SHE LOST TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP?! I repeat myself: She lost to DONALD TRUMP. She didn’t lose to a polished veteran politician. She lost to DONALD TRUMP. Not only did she lose to Donald Trump, but she lost to him by a large margin in the electoral college.
It also doesn’t help that Hillary has not been a graceful loser. She has shown bitterness and disdain for Americans who had the nerve not to vote for her. She has not taken responsibility for her loss or admitted the mistakes she made (Wisconsin? MICHIGAN?). The fact that her campaign was all about her. “I’m With Her” isn’t exactly inspiring while Trump campaigned on ways to Make America Great Again.
A Gallup poll from September showed that Hillary’s favorable rating remains at an all-time low at 36%.
Hillary shot herself in the foot last weekend when she said no abuse of power happened when her husband, at the time the most powerful man on the planet, had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. She still thinks Bill was right not to resign.

Don’t forget that four other women has accused Bill of sexual assault while Juanita Broaddrick has accused him of raping her. Throughout the last few decades, Hillary has trashed and tried to damage these women. Interesting coming from a woman who said sexual assault victims deserve to be heard and believed.
These remarks caused outrage from the left with publications like ThinkProgress, The Guardian, and Vanity Fair putting out articles that criticized her “tone-deaf” comments.

Hillary and Bill’s 13 city tour has tickets on sale between $120 and $370, but instead of doing something thoughtful with the profits, the Clintons are keeping it. Hillary could use them as a way to clean up her name, but it looks like she won’t.
Let’s not forget Hillary’s comments about how civility cannot exist until the Democrats have power again. I may not be former First Lady Michelle Obama’s fan, but I loved the tongue lashing she gave Hillary on the Today show:
“Fear is not — it’s not a proper motivator. Hope wins out,” Obama said. “And if you think about how you want your kids to be raised, how you want them to think about life and their opportunities, do you want them afraid of their neighbors? Do you want them angry? Do you want them vengeful?”
“We want them to grow up with promise and hope,” Obama added. “And we can’t model something different if we want them to be better than that.”
Hillary’s political aspirations are over. It has nothing to do with sexism. It has everything to do with the fact that she’s a horrible person who couldn’t beat Donald Trump.

   The Cartoons are compliments of my stash on my computer, I have quite a selection of Hillary cartoons.


  1. She's the 'gift' that keeps on giving...

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Yep and I hope she is the face of the democrats in 2020 and 2018, people hate her more than they hate Trump

  2. If this is the best the Democrats can offer . . .

    1. Hey BW Bandy;

      I hope so, she can suck out the excitement from the democrats...

  3. She's like a bad penny. No, worse. She isn't even worth a cent. But bring her on! The Republicans will be sure to win...again.

    1. Hey Momma Fargo;

      I hope they bring her back for a 3rd run.


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