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Friday, October 26, 2018

Some musings and the new democrat campaign ad

Someone had mailed a bunch of what I call loosely "kinda really fake looking bombs" to several prominent democrats and as I understand Robert DeNero got one to.    I have a couple of issues with that......first off......mail bombs to people that will never open their mail.......right.....sure.....and second...the bombs looked really well.......amateurish.....fake.......stageprops......not that realistic...

And it to me looks like it is a "October Surprise", the democrats are going for the sympathetic vote....

    I ran across this video from GOC and the lady that did this video is truly brilliant, The GOP needs to run this ad especially in battleground states, the tongue in cheek humor is great.

       The differences between the democrats and the Republicans can be summed up in this cartoon.


  1. so funny. I wrote a similar post today and then came over here to see what you are doing. Same posting. I even have a LET article to go up about this as well. Great minds...

  2. Hey Momma Fargo;

    Yep Great minds...LOL and I am glad when you drop by my little corner of the internet. I will check out the LET article later today if I can


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