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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Some more goings on at Casa De Garabaldi

A few days ago, I was working on the truck, I had to replace the 3rd brake light and redo the seal around the "Halo Surround". 

The Old 3rd brake light had crazing and several of the lights no longer functioned...so I replaced it
The New 3rd brake light, looks much better and you can see the seal for the Halo surround on the roof.
I also was asked to run a shotgun and Rifle range for the boy scouts this weekend and I did, first off the scouts went to the shotgun range....they were shooting the 20 gauge over and unders..
And the scouts had a good time, I forgot to bring my 12 gauge over and under so I could have gotten in some "upscale Redneck Golf" as my friend Mack likes to refer to sporting clays.

The Scouts then went to qualify in the .22 LR rifles for the rifle merit badge, it always is good to get some range time, even if you are working them....and I did get a little bit of trigger time
22LR pistol from Smith&Wessen that I brought, I put about 50 rounds thought the pistol, but the scouts showed up after Lunch so I had to shelve shooting some more...Oh well.  A little bit of trigger time is a good time.

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